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VS (dante just came back from killing demons from san francisco as soon he opens the door and see his friends all beat and bloody but still alive (lady trish nero) later they heal dante ask them of what just happan? trish told lil info that a demon or devil call himself "mephisto" he was here looking for you dante ask why? trish told him i don't know we all attack him and we did our best but the devil demon was too powerful for us but he just let us live only to give this letter and a map to you dante: ok some demon azzhole want to come at my home and beat up my friends? oh it's on now nero: but even you can't beat this monster we all try and lost lady: i have to agreed with nero trish: if you going to find the demon then how about we all give our powers to dante so trish and nero give there powers to dante to increase his strength and his abilites so takeing sparda and his brother swords to even boost dante powers even more plus nero give dante the "Devil Bringer" dante got on his motorcycle to head out to a island hours later dante halfway there but can't get a cross dante: damnit i can see the island but too far out then dante hears a voice saying: your power is very good but your not strong yet to beat mephisto then a man show himself dante put out his gun at the man face dante: and who the hell are you? and give me a good reason on why i sould not pop a cap in your ass then the man told him wait wait im here to help you son of sparda i know all about you and your history but i also know about mephisto so the man told dante every info about mephisto and his weakness the man said i can feel your power but i don't thank your power level is not at mephisto level to beat him but im going to give you some of my energy to increase your level of power and teleport you to that island so the man boost dante powers and teleport him to the island then the man was really blackheart in a human from (but why helping dante?) danteis in the creepy island then see mephisto walk up to him looking at him face to face mephisto: so your the son of sparda dante: that right f&%k face you went my hideout and beat up my friends for what? mephisto: oh them weakings oh i beat them up for fun i was looking for you dante: why? mephisto: i want sparda sword and your soul! dante: oh really ok then you want it and come get it f&%k face dante power increase high but he still in his human from he more powerful in his devil trigger but can dante new increase powers from trish nero and blackheart that dante don't know nothing about him plus nero devil bringer sparda sword and vergil's yamoto sword with all that power be strong enough to beat mephisto?) just in case here the sparda sword and vergil's sword name "yamoto" primary weapon is the yamoto sword which he wields with deadly accuracy it is said that his speed of his techniques are simply too fast for the human eys to keep up with he is also capable of transforming into his devil trigger state before dante

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Ok With All That Power Up in That Case Dante Might Beat Mephisto Then Again I Don't Know How Powerful Mehisto Really Is.

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Mephisto fought Galactus and lived, so I'd have to go with him.

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Dante is powerful enough to take on Mephisto even if he's inside his realm. If he's equipped, has prep and is at full power.

Dante (no morals, bloodlusted and rageful) kills Mephisto.

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Wall Of Text ...oh crap.

Fully equiped bloodlusted DDT Dante wins

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I'm going with Mephisto.

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Mephisto busted stars in his fight against Galactus and humiliated Silver Surfer. Mephisto wins

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Mephisto beats dante

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@drdoomsday390: have you ever played Marvel vs Capcom 3? dante is able to kill mephisto we can see this in his ending