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Dante has all weapons and powers from all the video games.

This is Current Luffy

Fight take place on an uninhabitated island

Both are bloodlusted

Who win

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Dante owns quicksilver is a b!tch

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I know everything about Dante, and almost nothing about Luffy, so without a One Piece expert I don't really have a significant say in this. About all I know of Luffy is the stuff in None Piece, the abridged series by Purpleeyeswtf. So basically, I know he stretches and probably doesn't sound like Sean Connery.

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Dante with all his abilities in the game should own Luffy, without the abilities I still see him winning after a decent fight.

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Dante with style!!

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Dante would win, but I see Luffy not going down without giving Dante some trouble.

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Dante..this is a stomp.

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@D3athstroke said:


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Dante stomps with Cerberus, Quicksilver and Yamato alone, I don`t think he needs DT to win this.