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Dante from the devil may cry series faces of against lucifer from dante's inferno

  • Dante has weapons from all the games including the Sword of Sparda and Yamato
  • fight takes place in the Circle of Treachery
  • both are not holding back

Who wins? The Son of Sparda or the Prince of Darkness?

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@DaemonTheDemon: Do Holy weapons only work on Lucifer? Because if that's true, DmC Dante has a better chance. If Demonic weapons work, then I don't see how Dante doesn't win since the Dante from Dante's inferno is probably not on par with Dante here.

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@SlimJ87D: It's shown in the games that demonic weapons can kill demonic beings, so they should work on Lucifer.

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My vote goes towards Dante, not only am i a Fanboy, but he's overpowered many demons, in his human form, let alone what's to come if he unleashed his Devil trigger, that's almost like saying Lucifer vs Lucifer, they're probably evenly matched, even so, i believe Dante with his Rebellion would smear Lucifer's rotten carcass all over the place, though i havn't taken into consideration of Lucifer's ranged powers, but still Dante has the Yamato which he can use to as a ranged weapon as explained in DMC4, I'd have to say Dante takes this with his Agility, Devil trigger, and arsenal of swords.

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Dante with ease. His speed, reflexes, reaction time and agility alone is going to be too much for Lucifer, also he has his DT forms which would grant him the power to dispose of Lucifer, quickly. However if demonic weapons don`t work, Dante could always use Holy Water but his weapons should work against Lucifer and also Dante has his time abilities in which he can overwhelm Lucifer in regards to manipulation of the plain field in which he would have all of the advantages, however this would be an interesting match and the dialogue would be interesting. If Dante is bloodlusted and has no morals, then Lucifer is a dead demon before the fight actually starts.

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Dante easily