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Dante just defeated batman in a time space of about 10 minutes, iron man was watching virtually giving him 10 minutes of prep time, now he has to defeat dante himself, who wins ?



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Tony dude, he's tangled with Skyfather level being and Heralds in Bleed Edge.

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Dante wins.

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Can you specify Dante's devil arms and firearms? Are we talking about DMC1 Dante, DMC2 Dante, DMC3 Dante, DMC4 Dante or just Dante overall?

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lol im gonna go against the grain and say Ironman

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First of all, it would not take Dante ten minutes to defeat Batman. Iron Man's prep is useless in this battle because Dante would be holding back as much as possible if it took him 10 minutes. Also, can Iron Man see someone who is this fast? The point is that the prep is useless and that Iron Man gets curb-stomped.

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Probably Dante.

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Dante fairly easily.

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@comiking24: why bring Bats into this?

Did you read the scenario at the beginning of the OP? It said Dante defeated Batman in about 10 minutes. The only point that I was making is that it would not take Dante 10 minutes to defeat Batman in a random encounter. I did not bring Bats into this, the creator of this battle did.

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Dante handily.

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Dante fairly easily. Also, Iron Man will learn virtually nothing for prep. Batman would very easily be killed from one shot by Dante, possibly literally from Ebony or Ivory considering Batman wouldn't even be able to aim dodge with someone as fast as Dante.

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Dante one-shots Tin Man, he also would one-shot Batman. It would not take Dante 10 minutes to deal with Batman, it would take a nanosecond.

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@deus: I agree with Batman. Iron Man however is insaly stronger. Stronger than Dante. His reaction time is in the nanoseconds levels. He has tanked nukes at 2% power with no harm. He could also just use a genetic damper on Dante. It depoweres just about any kind of powered being. Be it genetic, mutant, or even magic based.

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@tony_shark: Iron Man isn't stronger or faster than Dante, and nano second reaction feats =/= combat speed.

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Dante essentially beat the king of hell in his own domain. He surpassed his father by the end of DMC 2. He is a character with mysterious limits, so they can just make up feats on the spot... good luck differentiating gameplay mechanics, cutscene, and manga feats with him too.

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Dante for the majority.

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Dante dusts off Iron Man like a coffee table.

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@tony_shark: You're delusional if you think Iron Man is faster and stronger than Dante.

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dante wins this easy

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Ironman decimates

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No one here clearly reads Iron Man lol