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@Nefarious said:

Dante wins all rounds. The guy has fought worst enemies than Hulk.

Like who?

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Hulk pulverizes Dante's lame boy band ass. And a sword ain't doing shit to the guy so just stop. Hulk creates a thunder clap and blows Dante away.

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@shadow23 said:

Hulk pulverizes Dante's lame boy band ass. And a sword ain't doing shit to the guy so just stop. Hulk creates a thunder clap and blows Dante away.

Just Sayin...

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Dante just cuts of hulks head.

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Dante for the win

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I don't know about the first round, but the second round Hulk is going to more than likely win. His strength is just too much for someone like Dante to handle

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Dante for the win

You're new around here, so I'll explain things to you. You generally shouldn't bump a thread unless you have something significant to add to it.

Anywho, on topic, Dante is like a hard counter to The Hulk. Royal Guard would turn The Hulk's own strength against him. Dante would build up multiple punches worth of power with Royal Block, and then tear Hulk in half with a Royal Release.

On a side note, how resistant is Hulk to magic? I'm not real up on my Hulk lore, and I've never seen that discussed.

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How will the hulk be able to hit someone like dante?

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Dante easy..too fast for the hulk..too strong as well taking in account the rest of his abilities..great fighter...great healing factor..crazy combos with the sword..demonic powers..demonic form that makes him even stronger and faster ..besides..he is way cooler too U_U ..no chance for the hulk

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Hulk wins. Hulk just makes Dante weaponless by grabbing his sword and breaking it than smashing him. Hulk virtually has no limits in strenght or power. He's invincible to say the least.

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Thunder clap or break the planent in half. Dante loses his balance and Hulk smashes him to paste.

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:


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Last time I check Hulk a plant busted with out even trying, dante would never defeat hulk unless its grey hulk then dante will win.

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Also Hulk shattered earth with merest footstep shortly after beating the Sentry!

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Dante can handle the Hulk in both rounds, especially in round 2. His superior speed and technique give him an incredible edge. Dante has comparative durability and regeneration rates and has weapons to boot. Not to mention his Devil Trigger which boosts all of Dante's abilities.

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Honestly, I don't think this is a wash one way or the other. Dante I see having the edge to begin with, because basically, taking down monsters is what he does for a living. If Hulk was pursuing Dante, Hulk wouldn't have a chance. If Hulk tried to kill Dante, he'd likely just be a mindless brute, which Dante has extensive background in dispatching. However, if Dante actually tried to pursue and kill Hulk, I see Hulk taking it. That's when he's at his best when he's fighting for his life or others. And Dante doesn't go around chopping peoples heads off either. He's all about the style and dragging a match out to wear you down, which will NOT work on the Hulk. In fact, I'd say that plays right into the Hulks wheelhouse. It would be great to watch though =)

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Dante without a doubt.People actually believe that if Hulks head gets cut off or a limp he can heal it?Lmao any DMC character can beat Hulk.Dante is faster than the blink of an eye note he was still young and he wasn't even in DT nor trying.Hulk can thunderclap but It won't do anything you forgot that Dante can teleport and that's faster than any speed.Not too mention Pandora has 666 combinations of weapons one of those bad boys can take hulk down.Vergil can take him out also cutting throw clean space in a matter of seconds he can turn Hulk to a sculpture if he wanted.Nero easily overpower Hulk with his Devil Arm and in DT he can just pound hulk on the floor plenty of times.Kill Kyrie and Omfg hulk you better hope you have some PIS to save you're ass.

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Hulk with ease. Dante lacks quicksilver feats beside the actual cutscene you receive it in and never uses it again. Regardless, Hulk has hit FTL people so he'll have no trouble tagging Dante and when he does at least a KO, maybe a death. I've seen nothing from Dante that can hurt Hulk and certainly nothing to put him down for good. Hulk stomps. He could win with a single thunderclap.

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Why was this bumped? Dante absolutely demolishes Hulk, a lot of people don`t how powerful Dante truly is.

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I would like Hulk to defeat Dante and avenge Vergil, but damn ... I don't see it happening :-(
Dante clearly lacks in the strenght deparment and his guns wouldn't do all too much damage, but he can stab Hulk with his sword. Dante has a speed and agility advantage and his perception of everything around him is not from this world. I can see him stabbing the Hulk over and over and over again until it's over.

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It says Savage Hulk, Dante could actually beat him blow for blow. But it wouldn't even come to that. Dante's speed, agility, equipment, fighting skill, Devil Trigger, etc are all huge advantages over Hulk.

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@shadow23 said:

Hulk pulverizes Dante's lame boy band ass. And a sword ain't doing shit to the guy so just stop. Hulk creates a thunder clap and blows Dante away.

Just Sayin...

That didn't kayo Hulk, nor did Hulk want to fight Skaar. Skaar Could not do any signficant damage on a Hulk that was serious. . Hulk bleeding does not stop an angry Hulk. In Worldbreaker Mode(because you are using this fight it counts), Hulk stopped bleeding in less than a page. In that fight when Hulk was fighting Skaar, and Hulk wasn't bother by Skaar's sword. Hulk didn't mind catching Skaar's sword and knocking out.

You don't really see Hulk bleeding for long.

maybe Dante demolishes Hulk or whatever, but let's not pretend that a random sword slashes will keep Hulk from fighting back.

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Hulk has feats that dante couldn't even imagine including what @Superbot400 said including lifting a mountain, surviving a skrull space laser that destroyed New York and all of its heroes, Becoming a host of the Uni-Power, becoming a herald of Galactus, almost destroying the east coast with one step even though he was holding back..... And want does Dante have some fancy speed that can stop rain punch a wall and quick silver doesn't stop time it just slows it down to where it looks like hes moving very fast but if hulk tears him in half... And we all know what happens after

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Bumping this reminding Hulk has fucking destroyed the dark dimension with pure rage and in a sense holds enough dark magic in him to fucking no sell Dante's hax quicksilver and break that down like he did the time storm and the reality warp punch he made in his fight against apcolyspe. Seriously, Dante is cool, but he's not Hulks level in any sense.

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Dante still wins.

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dante still wins

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Hulk easily. Dante cant hurt him.

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Big green

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Dante wins via Jackpot

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Hulk, don't know why people are over wanting dante

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Dante is Omnipotent, he wins!