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The fight takes place in Downtown Manhattan. No prep. Morals are off.  
Dante has all of his weapons and ammunition. Devil Trigger is allowed. This is Dante from DMC3 and Current Alex Mercer.  
Alex is in his most powerful transformation.
They start 9 feet away. 
Who wins? 


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Dante should win.

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@LightningGod67 said:
" Dante should win. "
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love the new Avatar haha

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@spystreak: Thank you, i'd have to say it's my favorite one yet.
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Is Dante from DMC3 or DMC4 more powerful? This is completely off topic btw.

Dante should win.
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@Deranged Midget: DMC4 much much much more powerful with the exception of quicksilver.
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@god_spawn: I assumed as much. He looked vastly more powerful than Nero and seemed as if he didn't even break a sweat.
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@Deranged Midget:
Pretty much, Nero  even went DT and Dante beat him without too much effort.
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@god_spawn: Yeah, Dante was a badass in that game. Also was digging the stubble he had going as well. Don't like the reboot look he's got going.
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@Deranged Midget: Me neither, supposedly its before DMC3 or its gonna be an alternate universe. I just want DMC5 to come out already and tell us what Nero is and if Vergil is coming back.
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@god_spawn: Indeed. Too many things are getting rebooted. It's annoying.
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Ife go by timeline DMC2 is most powerfull then 4 ,1 and 3 but he takes this anyway, Alex is a guy who is hurt by bullets, so not a very big chace for him to stand vs dante for longer than 60 secs.

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They both decide to blow up GEN-TEK and grab a few beers.

End of story

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If Dante is allowed Devil Trigger and Quicksilver (which i'm assuming he is as there's nothing in the op saying he hasn't got it) then Dante wins.

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OI what the fuck is wrong with you guys the hurt by bullets thing is just to balance the game play otherwise some crap ass bullets won't hurt Alex.the cut-scene and in-game Alex are different maybe because the cut scene Alex is a hell lot tougher than your average player.

AND Alex and Dante are both bad ass sure but Dante is more powerful than Alex but it's not like Dante would wipe the floor with him far from it actually Alex may be the toughest thing Dante has ever fought next to Virgil.

One more thing.Imagine what Mundus would look like if Alex and Dante teamed up on him.

my suggestion:Virgil's gonna have to mop his ashes off of hell.

and a note about the re-boot:I don't think Nero and Virgil are coming back because now Dante is the off-spring of a demon AND and an angel(WTF).

He is no longer the bad-ass guy he was before actually he is actually STRUGGLING to fight his enemies(CAPCOM NOW YOUR DEAD)That was the coolest thing about Dante next to his Devil trigger(WHICH IS NOW REPLACED WITH SOME CRAP ASS WHITE HAIR TRANSFORMATION GOD DAMN YOU CRAPCOM)

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@GhoulMine1: While this isn't a stomp (mostly due to Alex's durability). As Dante has quicksilver Alex shouldn't even be able to lay a hand on him. Alex has never shown speed anywhere near that. So Dante is going win.

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Alex smashes his fist together and Dante explodes.... Alex Wins in a sec...

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Probably Dante.  Or stalemate. 
However, what Alex Mercer would be like if he absorbed Dante would be rather frightening. 

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@OmegaDynasty said:

Probably Dante. Or stalemate. However, what Alex Mercer would be like if he absorbed Dante would be rather frightening.

I actually question if he can tbh. Dante in DMC3 had those soul sucky enemies and you had to use Devil Trigger to repel them and since DT seems to give off some sort of aura I wonder what would happen.

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Dante wins...with Cerberus. Yea..I just said that. Sidenote, I accidentally sold DMC3. I thought it was two. Got home, went to pop that bad boy in, my heart cried. Anyway, notice every other game Dante gets younger and younger. DMC7, we'll play as Dante in the fifth grade tackling the demonic school girl crushes, homework and the princible. 

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They wouldnt be able to kill each other both heal instantly from injuries this is a stalemate.

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Dante was a freak so he might have the edge here

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and Alex is some how perfect?

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@GhoulMine1 said:


and Alex is some how perfect?

Not at all. just talking in general brute strength and all . Impressive.

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Alex Mercer stood up against an nuclear bomb and survived, it was like he does on a regular basis. Dante could use his quicksilver, but really actually done anything to him, man survived a nuclear bomb after-all. Mercer has the capability to shape-shift his entry body into awesome, bad-ass, destructive weapons. Furthermore, his basically taking on the entry world, within also patronizing deadly beasts and monsters. Come on, seriously Mercers comes out victorious.

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@De_MaGiCiAn_313 said:

Alex Mercer stood up against an nuclear bomb and survived, it was like he does on a regular basis. Dante could use his quicksilver, but really actually done anything to him, man survived a nuclear bomb after-all. Mercer has the capability to shape-shift his entry body into awesome, bad-ass, destructive weapons. Furthermore, his basically taking on the entry world, within also patronizing deadly beasts and monsters. Come on, seriously Mercers comes out victorious.

He survived a Nuclear Bomb. Key word Survived.... He has to have time to heal and remake himself.

Dante wins everyday.

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If anyone has finished Proto 2 that have to know that Alex loses badly. Would have been a tougher fight if they had just come at you 10 at once.

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@CadenceV2: That's right key word is Survived...Dante maybe able to survive massive amounts of damage, but he ain't no Neymar (sorry a motto of my.) meaning that he ain't immortal, not by a long shot. If he got his head cut off; just because he's half demon, doesn't mean it will magically grow back, the key word here is half demon, other-wise meaning that his still retains those mortal weaknesses. Even full demons themselves can't survive being decapitated, so what's to say Dante has a chance. Warping thing's up, What's worse being decapitated or nuclear bombed? Yeah he might need time to heal or remake himself but, at least one of them would survive.

Sorry baby-boy, I think that Alex Mercer WINS here.

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Who wins, the Nuke Tanker or the Demon?

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@opcharybdis said:

Who wins, the Nuke Tanker or the Demon?

Alex has no way to kill Dante at all. Alex is strong yes but only as long as he fights people on his level, when you put him up against someone on a whole other plane of power the result is as you'd expect obvious.

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Dante wrecks Alex Mercer with Quicksilver and Nevan.

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Please enlighten me how could dante kill alex.?

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@chibi_cute: Quiksilver and damage accumulation, mainly.

Also, like Cadnence said: Alex survived a nuclear explosion, he didn't flat out tank it.

Even taking those two factors out, Alex has no way of putting down Dante other than consuming him; which isn't happening considering how much faster Dante is. Where-as Dante has access to several weapons and abilities that aid him greatly; including Devil Trigger.

Simply put, Dante wins with ease.

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Hmmm, the problem is that I don't know Dante very good.

I do know Alex Mercer very well, after having played both prototype games. I know Alex Mercer almost can't be killed. His body got shatered in a thousand pieces but the virus reconstructed his body untill he was back into his normal form. Alex is very powerfull, can easily survive bulletfire from a squad of 40 soldiers with is armor equiped, he is very fast and agile, can diguise himself,...

I'm not going to say who would win since I don't know much about Dante, but I'm sure that it would be a tough fight.

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@rozalia: To be honest though, Alex in his most powerful form had control over the Red zone. Heller, before consuming Alex, had no where NEAR the amount of power he had after. That means it was all Alex's power. Heller after consuming Alex had enough power to near effortlessly kill every infected in the Red Zone.

That's a sh!t ton of power.

But I'll just say draw 'cause Dante is apparently more powerful than Mercer 'cause he's a devil that cries...

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This thread is so wrong lmao. Alex wins here in a spite, nothing Dante can do will hurt let alone kill Alex. He can survive nukes, and has regen abilities on a much higher scale than Dante. He is much stronger than Dante as well, casually kicking down choppers and lifting cars and tanks. His blades slice through human sized enemies like butter, so unless Dante has durability feats I'm unaware about, Alex could easily rip out his heart, behead him or even consume him. Mercer could also keep Dante at a distance with Whipfist. Dante literally stands no chance against Mercer, I don't see why everyone on this thread thinks he does with no reasoning. What speed feats do Dante have that can make him outrun a city wide attack? (He can shoot tendrils throughout the entire city, consuming everybody it hits) Bullets and non-prototype blades don't hurt Alex either, so I seriously don't see how Dante can do anything to Alex.

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Well if Alex lays his hand on Dante he's turning to mush, and if Dante gets away and spam his guns he'll most likely erase all of Alex' biomass.

But if Alex can be defeated by a High-Tier street leveler (Cole MacGrath) then Dante wins out of coolness.

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@parryboy: His guns aren't going to do anything to Alex. Do you really think that his guns are going to hurt somebody who has a nuclear bomb level regen under his belt? Alex would decimate Cole MacGrath, but I could argue that Cole MacGrath could stomp Dante. This isn't the right thread so I won't get into that but yeah haha.

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@godofnick: Dante can stop time.

Loading Video...

Dante's guns don't shoot regular bullets, Dante conjures an infinite amount of magical bullets. As for durability feats, he's been repeatedly stabbed by demonic weapons and shrugged it off like it was nothing. The only thing in DMC 3 that is really able to hurt him is Vergil's weapon Yamato, a sword that can cut through dimensions. Even being stabbed through the heart and shot in the head didn't really slow him down all that much. He's also tanked directed ice based attacks from Frosts, elite demon soldiers that can freeze an active volcano with a touch.

Loading Video...

If you want to talk about feats from later games, he's outmuscled a giant construct capable of smashing cities, he can move faster than the eye can see, (without stopping time) and he has an assortment of various demonic magical weapons that are the souls of demon lords taken physical form.

What's more, Dante has this nifty ability called Royal Guard, which has 2 important components. One is Royal Block, which is a shield that Dante can throw up, (it requires precise timing, which is rather simple with Quicksilver) that can literally block anything. Demonic hellfire, bullets, rockets, giant lasers, dimension cutting magic swords, all of it can be blocked with Royal Guard, allowing Dante to take no damage. Royal Block stores the energy of the attacks it blocks.

The second component is Royal Release, which allows Dante to release and multiply the stored energy from all his Royal Blocks. So to put it in layman's terms, if you try to punch Dante in the face, you actually punch yourself 10 times all at once.

The following is a gameplay demonstration of Royal Guard, among other abilities. That thing where he dashes through attacks is Royal Release, the energy shield that protects him from all damage is Royal Block.

Loading Video...

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dante easily

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@laurcus: Dante is indeed an impressive character, don't get me wrong there. I still just don't see how he's going to put Alex down at all. Mercer casually kicks down choppers and lifts up cars, and rips apart tanks, choppers and APCS. A few hits to Dante would be more than enough to knock him unconscious. Before you say Alex wouldn't be able to tag Dante, show some feats proving how fast Dante really is. I have yet to see any relevant speed feats for the demon slayer. Dante is durable, but if you were to behead him or rip his heart out he would simply die, also Alex could easily consume him. Mercer has the shield which shrugs off rockets from helicopters and launchers like nothing, and is also capable of throwing back big enemies like the Brawlers and ect. Dante has been cut and impaled before yes, so that would prove that Alex Mercer's blades would be capable of cutting him and impaling him, and one swift cut to the head and he dies. He has things like the claws and the arm blade for up close, and the Whipfist and Hammerfist for range. If Alex gets ahold of Dante he is going to get consumed, there are so many ways for Alex to be able to kill Dante yet I don't see any ways Dante will be able to kill Mercer. Yamato would be his only chance, but Alex could just continue to regenerate. Dante would eventually get in close to attack Alex and he would just grab him and eat some demon brains.

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@godofnick: Concerning offense, Dante has magic guns and magic swords. If Mercer can hurt himself, Dante can take his power and multiply it several fold, then throw it back at him. He also has a plethora of magic weapons in addition to his guns, he can shoot hellfire at things, magic lightning, ice, attacks of pure light, you name it. As much as he is a powerful warrior, he's also basically a mage.

Loading Video...

Concerning speed, that is Dante messing around. He doesn't even have Devil Trigger at that point, which vastly increases all his physical attributes, including speed.

Even if Mercer was faster, as I said, Dante can stop time. He has superhuman speed on top of the ability to make his opponent move like a snail. A lot of Dante's best speed feats come from other games. The thing about DMC 3 is the only time Dante is fighting seriously is when he fights his brother

Loading Video...

Sorry for the horrible quality of videos. It should be obvious to anyone that watches all the videos I've linked that Dante is capable of fighting with both superhuman speed and reflexes. His damn sword is glowing from friction with the air and he runs along the side of a building and catches it. Fyi, this is him at his youngest, weakest point in the series. Later on he moves so fast he can literally just blink out of attacks like he's some freakish anime character. And this is in addition to time stop. Think about that for a moment. Even if Mercer was 10,000 times faster than him, Dante can stop time, casually walk up to him, and then blast him with hellfire, magic bullets and other energy attacks until there's nothing left.

As far as I'm concerned this isn't even a fight unless Mercer has some kind of counter time control powers. And then we need to worry about if Dante's super speed and other hacks defenses like Royal Block, (which you have ignored) would be enough. Also, show proof that beheading or destroying his heart will kill him. He's taken direct damage to both his heart and brain before and been no worse for wear. Hell, stabbing Dante through the heart with a magic sword is tradition in DMC, he literally carries on conversations with a big freaking sword sticking out of him, impaled through his heart.

Destroying things like choppers is trivial. Dante has tanked magical blasts from Satan himself, and note my earlier example of frosts and freezing volcanoes.