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  • Dante: DMC3
  • Juggernaut: Dr. Strange #182
  • Bayonetta: Bayonetta

Dante and Bayanetta were at the last stage of their game until Juggernaut punched a hole between their realities that bridged Marvel to Bayanetta and Devil May Cry. When Dante and Bayonetta encountered Juggernaut, Juggernaut was already engaging mid battle against Nightmare. Juggernaut was at the process of shrinking Nightmare into a tiny germ until D'Spraye and Zarathos entered through one of Juggernaut's reality holes that he punched through earlier. Zarathos and D'Spraye begin to aid Nightmare against the Juggernaut while Dante and Bayonetta give aid to Juggernaut against the three Fearlords.

  • Location: Nightmare's Realm
  • Objective: Weaken the demons enough to make them run off
  • Lose if anyone from team one dies
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Juggernaut solos 

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Team 1.

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Team 1