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Full knowledge for both.

Eddie Brock as Venom.

Danny's intangibility and overshadowing abilities are restricted.

In-Character. (however Danny has mistaken Venom as a ghost, therefore he's willing to kill him)

Winner by Death.

Setting is the empty streets of New York.

Who wins?

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From my general knowledge of Venom Danny Would stomp

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All Danny needs to do is hit him with one wail (which if needs be, i'm sure it would come to that) and it's a wrap. Also, how does he have full knowledge on Venom, yet thinks he's a ghost, lol.

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Danny would repel the symbiote with his Ghostly Wail which causes loud noises and another thing Danny has is the Ghost Flame in which he is able to create fire based attacks from the manipulation of his ectoplasm and Danny can also fly as well which further gives him the mobility advantage. Another advantage Danny has is his ice abilities in which he would be able to freeze Venom in solid ice.