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No Prep

In Character

Fight To K.O

No Intangibly

Sora: Full Power at the End of KH2

Danny : Full (sorta) power at the End of His Show

Setting: Halloween Town

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Sora stomps him to the ground

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@18hunt: Someone underestimating Danny .

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Sora due to superior defense and combat speed.

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@ThatGuyWithHeadPhones said:

@18hunt: Someone underestimating Danny .

Not really, I saw the whole series...

Sora has fought gods and Titans themselves, and a Grimm reaper like entity. Also Sephiroth and Cloud Strife so... you are over rating Danny

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@ThatGuyWithHeadPhones: His energy manipulation and other powers, while impressive, aren't anywhere near powerful enough to truly hurt Sora's decent durability. It would be helpful if Danny could keep the distance, but Sora has flying techniques and is extremely fast, especially using final form. Plus his output damage is a lot more than what Danny has ever experience before. It's not a complete stomp, but Sora's gonna win a high majority.

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Sora wins with ease. Danny`s ice powers and Ghostly Wail could help but they won`t really be effective against Sora due to the fact that he has greater speed, combat ability and has many ways in which he can counter.