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I was wondering, can danny fenton, A.K.A. Danny Phantom take on thre of the worst movie villains in history?

and the villians are Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, and the little bastard, Leprechaun

ok, this is set up, all four characters came to lfe and now they're "ghost" and they're kiling people all arround the country and now danny has to stop them in a cross country trip/ghost hunt alone.

Freddy is in his new "elm street"

jason is in NY

Chucky is Chicago

and Leprechaun is in.... california

danny knows all about them and their powers, movies, comics and weaknesses, and has a month of prep for each one,

comic versions of the villians only

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Danny stomps them easily.

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Danny Phantom murderstomps.

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@NeonGameWave said:

Danny Phantom murderstomps.

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sooooo..... nobody is gonna take the bad guys side? I gotta be honest, I though you'll take the other side

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@FourthDeity said:

@NeonGameWave said:

Danny Phantom murderstomps.

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you can at least say why

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@ShadowPro said:

you can at least say why

Because each of them is vastly outmatched in Ghost power. To argue for the ones I have a working knowledge of, Vorhees and Freddy, Freddy, while powerful, is a danger when asleep. Danny, knowing this, will go after Freddy first so Freddy can't attack Danny while he's tired from another battle. Given that all of Danny's attacks are designed to combat the ethereal, Freddy's got no defenses. One ecto blast later and Freddy's in a thermos. After that, he'll go after Jason. Jason's powers are a machete, the ability to smell making out teenagers from over a hundred yards away, and previously, functional immortality. I say previously because he's a ghost now. Therefore, all he's got is the machete and super sense. Provided Danny doesn't bring Sam along, he's set for a surprise attack. One more blast later, and Jason's in a thermos.

I can't argue for the Leprechaun and Chuckie. Don't even have a working knowledge of them. Also, I've never seen a Freddy or Jason movie. Only know what I've picked up, so I may be completely wrong.

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XD I like your answer very funy, specially the "Provided Danny doesn't bring Sam along" part

anyway, FYI jasoon also has some sort of teleportation

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Chuckie, from what I remember, is the soul of an insane criminal in a doll, so I think Danny has it covered there too.

Leprechaun is, well... a Leprechaun. I think this one would be the biggest threat, given that it can be debated whether a Leprechaun is a spirit, faerie or magical midget of some description, but beyond creativity, agility and strength that belies his stature and maybe 'Luck Control', to some degree, he's not a terribly powerful fighter. Still, Danny would have a hard time killing him without a four-leaf clover.