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Dan Phantom



we take eon form the UA series and, yeah, why not? from the omnivese too

fight in a desert

they only know what are each other but not their powers (eon knows that dan is a ghost and dan knows that eon is an alien)

victory by death, ko or incapactation

in character

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c¿mon I need some answers

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Dan Phantom could win if he doesn't underestimate Eon.

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dan should wim given he exist outside of time

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Dan has more options. Eons powers only consist of chronokinesis and enhanced strength but he isnt as strong as dan and he cant touch or see him with dan wanting him to. Ghosts are also functionally immortal so I dont knkw if artificially aging him would work either. Overall dan wins as definitely if he doesn't underestimate eon.

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I'm going to wait until I see the episode Eon and Vilgax are supposed to team up in