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War Zone: Mordor


A temporal shift occurs and the Dalek army arrive in Mordor where the last army of Stormtroopers have based. One thing leads to another and war breaks out. Now who comes out on top? And why do they take the cake? NO large cannons or such just Daleks and Stormtroopers both armed.

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Daleks stomps

super duper stomp

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Stormtroopers run up some stairs. Daleks start crying.

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Daleks win in rofl stomp

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@Baldy: To bad for the stormtroopers the Daleks can fly.

The Daleks destroy.

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Keep in mind troopers have better mobility.

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Daleks in a stomp.

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Daleks curbstomp.

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Daleks all the way, three Daleks could conquer the Earth and Cybermen. Some gun happy troops unable to hit a barn no problem (by the way Daleks levitate stairs no trouble)

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daleks, this is spite, 3 daleks took over earth and cybermen.

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No possible way the Troopers can win.

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Daleks stomp.