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Team 1: Cyclops and Wolverine


Team 2: Colossus and Gambit


Location: Roman ruins


  • Pre-Phoenix Five Cyclops
  • Pre-Juggernaut Colossus
  • No Death powers for Gambit
  • Current Wolverine w/ Adamantium 
  • Morals on
  • No prep
  • Starting distance: 25 meters
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Colossus could take out wolverine while Gambit messes with Cyclops for a while. Once Colossus takes out wolverine, he'd come help Gambit to take out Cyclops. LOL Hell, I wish that would happen. Cyclops uses his blast to take down colossus while wolverine guts gambit.

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Cyclops solos via judo slam.

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@k4tzm4n: haha sh*t! Should've swapped Gambit with Cyclops.
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@texasdeathmatch: Oh man, that would have been perfect use of a "/thread" after that scan.

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@k4tzm4n: I'm just impressed this thread has reached...5 posts now!
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Odd seeing as these are all A-listers, too.

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Should've gone with depowered Thor w/ speed force and GL ring...

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@texasdeathmatch: WWHulk w/ a GL ring vs Superman.

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I'd say Team 1 would win mostly because of cyclops, though wolverine would have some problems with Gambit.

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Phew this thread got buried fast.

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@texasdeathmatch: I'd say opinions will be decided on how they feel optic blasts or adamantium claws will impact Colossus. While Gambit can give either of his opponents a decent fight, I don't see him taking a majority against either (I suppose I could elaborate if needed). The limitations of Pete's oh-so-shiny skin is the key.

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@texasdeathmatch: Sorry, man. I'm shocked this didn't get more attention.

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@k4tzm4n: Haha I'll get over it...one day.
For now I'm just going to be bitter and create 30 alt accounts to troll the Battle forums, since that seems to be the common theme of the month.
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Good fight you guys, but I think WWH with a Green Lantern ring could probably beat Superman.

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Oh, and for the more boring fight, Wolverine and Cyclops win, in my opinion.

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idk how effective wolverine's claws are against colossus, but if he can get through id say wolverine and cyclops.

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team 1

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Cyclops or Wolverine can defeat either one of the opponents.

Tex, if you wish, I could go into explanation.

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I'd like--nay, good sir, I demand--an explanation on how 'Clops beats Colossus. Pretty please.

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I can see this going either way, with a possible edge to team 2. Gambit's stealthy but I think Wolverine's senses can give his team the edge for a first strike or setting up a good ambush if the teams don't see each other from the start. I don't know if Cyclops has the fire power to KO Colossus. At least not in one shot. The advantage for team 2 is Colossus IMO. With this location, a ground pound from Colossus or multiple charged blasts from Gambit could bury team 1. Same as a wide angle shot from Cyclops could potentially do the same, but Piotr has the strength and durability to handle either of team 2 if he gets his hands on them.

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Gambit power charges Colossus and has him run like he was the Juggernaut straight into everything that stands in his path.

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@BringnIt said:

I'd like--nay, good sir, I demand--an explanation on how 'Clops beats Colossus. Pretty please.

Gladly and simple. I believe Cyclops possesses the necessary power. I think as far as Cyclops' power goes, he can KO Colossus with the proper beam. Cyclops has managed to daze Colossus with a beam back in the day so at least I know his beams can affect him. Back then Cyclops has been able to rip part way through a mountain with a slim beam. Granted Colossus is stronger and more durable than when was back then but Cyclops has also gotten stronger. Current Cykes (pre-p5) was still able to rip skin off WWH and make him struggle a little bit and he used a wider beam trying to engulf Hulk instead of a focused beam of maxed power. When the beam is wider and more spread out it is weaker. I believe a proper slim beam with enough power poured on the big Russian is enough to KO him. If it hurt WWH and made him struggle a bit with it, Colossus will have issues with it. If it is more slimmed down and up in power and he can pin him down on it, he can knock him out. Granted Cyclops would need some distance to do it as to not let Pete get near him and at least with Wolverine's senses and the terrain being old stone with plenty of cover, Cyclops and Logan can just set up a point far enough from team 2 rip through the battle field. The old stone isn't going to stop much of the beam and Colossus isn't really known for any fast reflexes.

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@god_spawn: You spelled "he wins via judo throw" wrong.

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Gambit Solo's via mega explosion.

Actually...everyone dies.

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Both Colossus and Gambit have been performing really poorly lately (jug powered colossus is a full time jobber now), Storm and Cyclops found it funny in a recent issue of X-Men when a monster actually goes down after Colossus hits it. These poor guys down stand a chance.

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@Rickbarry: That was more the with the power of the unkillable Rockslide, probably the most powerful of the underused X-Men.

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Nice battle, IMO Cyclops and Wolverine (who I hate) take the majority. I think either Cyclops or Wolverine could defeat Colossus. Although Gambit could be more difficult to deal with as he seems to have the most chance of using the environment to his advantage either offensively by charging up the bricks in the ruins and creating some decent sized explosions, or defensively to cover his movements for stealth attacks or possibly even for cover against Cyclops's blasts.

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Colossus solos

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team 1 wins easy colussus whines about magik while gambit runs out of breathe from smoking

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Wolverine can defeat Colossus, he is a better fighter by far, and fast enough to dodge Colossus' attacks, healing takes care of the rest. Claws have no problem tearing up Piotr. Red Hulk has admitted Wolverine would defeat him (hooray i despise Red Hulk), and Red Hulk is more powerful than Colossus, so yeah. Not as easy as I might have made it sound, but Wolverine should be able to win.

Cyclops can handle Gambit, who is quick and agile, but Cyclops has tagged faster opponents before. If he has trouble, Cyke can definitely hold off Gambit for long enough to get Wolverine's help.

Team 1 wins.

@Lord Shiva said:

Colossus solos

definitely not.

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Scott the Great solo's.