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I was going to make this fun(ny) but I have to dash so here is the basic setup. Cyborg Superman runs through my list (below). Everyone in character. Cyborg must defeat his opponent to pass on, simply surviving because you can't really kill him isn't enough. Battle location changes every round so the defenders all have home court advantage in their own kingdoms and Henshaw gets the option of a fresh body after every battle. Feel free to discuss among yourselves any aspect of this battle and think of things in the way that makes the most sense. Modify as needed to make it most interesting/challenging. Other than the order. I know it doesn't make sense to you. Meh, you can mess with that too. And so questions of motivation are covered, to the defenders, Henshaw is invader looking to destroy all they hold dear, and for Henshaw, he is fighting for a reward of true death. Anything less than that will have him live forever as Superman's toilet.


It finally dawned on me that there's a certain kind of character I like more than any other. That class or category is best described as a "warlord". These characters are all, to some extent, leaders of men (or demons, aliens and what have you), and not just in battle (but especially in battle). Warrior rulers, regal warriors, something along those lines. There are characters that I like a lot that don't fit this mold, but most of the characters I like a lot, do. And it's ordered in a vague sort of gauntlet.

1. Black Panther

Former King of Wakanda. Current King of the Panther's City of the Dead.

2. Namor

King of Atlantis. Also, the bedroom.

3. Magik

Ruler of Limbo.

4. Jack Hawksmoor

He was the president!

5. Black Bolt

King of the Inhumans and one-time leader of the Kree.

6. Doctor Doom

Ruler of Latveria.

7. Kang

Huge empire spanning both space and time.

8. Gladiator

Emporer of the Shi'ar.

9. Thor

Occasional ruler of Asgard.

10. Black Adam

Ruler of Khandaq.

11. Sinestro

One-time dictator of Korugar and leader of the Sinestro Corps.

12. Despero

He's got a whole planet.

13. Starro

Conqueror and unquestioned ruler of 9 galaxies.

14. Mr. Majestic

Leader of the Kheran army and ruler of Hawaii.

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Ooo....I wonder how he'd do against Despero. I think he can clear it up to there, but rounds 12 and 13 look pretty tough.

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OH! Before I go, I don't just want to know where he stops, I want to know how he gets there in your minds. I'm way more interested in your thought and creativity than his victory or defeat.

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That's asking for a lot out of me, Bucky.

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Stops at Doom

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I have high expectations for everyone I exchange thoughts with. I have standards to uphold.

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Round One: There's no indication of what kind of powers T'Challa currently has, but I doubt he's experienced an upgrade that allows him to fight people like Hank. If there's the option of some vibranium hanging around Wakanda, Henshaw could take it for himself to reinforce his body.

Round Two: He'd turn Namor into fish and chips.

Round Three: Magik might be a problem because of her magic time/space bending, but if Henshaw's really determined to win he could roast her to a crisp with heat vision before she gets a chance to attack. Otherwise, she's got this whole "I'll take you into Limbo and own you because I'm invincible there" gimmick that I'm not really familiar with. She did get chumped by Black Widow in Limbo recently but from what I understand that's poor writing. I'll set that aside for the moment.....

Round Four: All that 70th century tech inside Jack's body makes Henshaw a baaaaad opponent for him to be going up against. Even if he used the city as armor Henshaw could merge with it and theoretically override his control over it; he's taken over planets in the past.

Round Five: Not really familiar with Black Bolt apart from the essential details. I'll say Hank weathers the yelling out and then takes advantage of his physical superiority.

Round Six: Doom in a random encounter, walking around in a suit of armor against a dude who warps all kinds of metals? Hank takes the majority here considering Iron Man held his own against Doom in a random just fine. Barring some really flashy magic tricks, Doom goes down.

Round Seven: Theoretically, Kang could simply go back in time and kill Hank before his accident? High chance of stopping here.

Rounds Eight Through Eleven: I see these fights going more or less the same way, Hank weathering most of their attacks and wearing them down, while simultaneously fixing and improving himself with pieces of their home turf (Asgard, Khandaq, Korugar) and even using their own turf against them (weapons and defenses).

Round Twelve: Despero's physically superior to Hank and starts off fights with telepathy quite often. Henshaw's not immune to TP, Tribunal-Prime suppressed his consciousness and took control of his body for a while. I can't imagine a telepath as accomplished as Despero having any issues replicating that. Without the TP, however, Hank could exercise his speed advantage and durability/regeneration to pull off a win on Kalinor.

Round Thirteen: I think Hank would beat Starro. I've only ever seen his telepathy work via the starfish (which can be heat visioned away) and it's questionable whether it would work at all considering that Hank doesn't have a conventional consciousness, he's a living energy signal. His speed and heat vision would win this for him.

Round Fourteen: Ehhhhhhh, either Majestic's more peculiar vision abilities like data manipulation enable him to at least incapacitate Hank for a while, or Henshaw eventually creates some kind of tech like his genetic lock to depower Majestic while they're in the middle of their fight. Majestic himself has demonstrated that his abilities can be suppressed for at least a while via genetic manipulation with that blue pill of his.

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Stops at round 12 Despero.

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@CitizenBane: You never disappoint.

Round 3: Not so much on the actual fight since I agree there (he could take her down before things really get started it without consciously trying to blitz her) but on the Black Widow thing, I didn't take that to be bad writing. Well, I did until she says whatever she said at the end, because that basically gave me the impression that she was allowing Black Widow more or less every shot she got because if she was serious she would have killed her. Holding back in a different sort of way than we normally see, by changing her attitude entirely and making it a game because she's so cold-hearted anything remotely serious would have been fatal.

Round 4: Yeah, poor Jack is outta luck. smh... such a shame...

Round 7: Kang's personality most often steers him toward fighting his opponent's at the height of their power, not at their weakest point, so I think he'd take on Henshaw when Henshaw arrived, not before. Unfortunately that probably costs him what could be an easy victory. All Kang's toys becoming Henshaw's would flip things on its head, and if he took things into his next fights, they'd all be effortless victories since Henshaw would be less bothered with abusing the time stream to deal with difficult opponents.

Round 13: I don't know if the starfish is any more vulnerable than the rest of him. He's gone into war against planets and it's been shot just as much as he has, and it didn't seem fazed by jumping down from orbit, which would affect both them equally. The weapon Brainiac made was supposed to do a few different things and that hit him dead in the chest and he was fine. I'm not sure Henshaw could dispose of the star easily. As for the star's effectiveness, I'm not sure. It's clearly shown that energy beings can't be taken over, but it's also clearly shown that technological beings of all types can be. An energy being inhabiting technology is a new thing. I'm not entirely sure what Hank could do to Starro. Henshaw can create pretty much whatever he thinks of, but Brainiac was able to create exactly what he thought would be effective and it wasn't and the organic solution that eventually worked might be out of Henshaw's reach.

Round 14: I think the fight is likely to go to Cyborg. Majestic has the possibility for victory, but I think it would be far easier and more likely for Henshaw to win. You make a good point with Majestic susceptibility to genetic manipulation and all the metal and tech Majestic wears on him would also be a hindrance if Henshaw took a more direct approach and manipulates it. Majestic would have to attempt a very specific tactic very early on and Henshaw just has options on options.

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@Buckshot: One question? Is that Phoenix Five Namor?

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I think he would stop at Despero.I think Despero has a really nice chance against Hanshaw.

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nice thread, i´ll come back later to edit this and post my humble opinion..

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Good thread.


- versus BP. BP is dead meat. I know...he is one of the best genius...his country has a good tech...CS is far above this league (technopathy).

- versus Namor...QFT "He'd turn Namor into fish and chips"...However current Namor seems to be amped by phoenix...poor writer...

- versus Magik...okay he can not kill Magik...because she is limbo and all this stuff...but if you have the victory with the first death...I'm going with CS...I don't even know if Magik has done a fight versus an opponent as powerful as CS.

- versus Jack, Black Bolt, Gladiator, Black Adam, Sinestro...I don't really know what they can do to put down CS.

- versus Thor...BIG MAYBE...BFR with Mjolnir...without this bad trick..CS for the victory.

- versus Doom at home...I'm pretty sure that Doom has enough bad tricks to survive. And he has all his magic skills.

- versus Kang. Kang for the victory...better tech than Doom...time line trick...and yes I'm a big fan of Kang.

- versus Despero...it's the big question for me...I don't know...

- versus Starro. Starro easily. Starro has humiliated Despero (REBELS). This character seems to be a cosmic threat like Galactus.

- versus Majestic...I don't know this character... I was a big fan of the authority...not wildcats.

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Stops at 14

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@Ferdelance said:

Stops at 14

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Stops at Doom