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  • · Team chemistry comes into play.
  • · Knowledge is only on actual Knowledge of character has on other.
  • · Random Battles every time.
  • · Moral On. In Character.
  • · All Cannon Feats apply, unless stated all Feat Applies
  • · Will be Special Scenarios and at Times Obejectives. No need to even defeat your enemy.
  • · All Throwing Weapons, Arrows, and Ammo Weapons have a 100 cap unless Specified.




9) Ultimate Captain America (Shield, Assault Rifle, Taser, 5 Grenades)

10) T-800 Series Terminator (Minigun with 200 rounds, Grenade Launcher with 10 Rounds, Shotgun)

1) 1 Weapon type (or Pair if they are Dual) Cancels Healing Factors of any kind for 1 Minuet.(Terminator Mini Gun)

1) 1 Member Gains Halo Mjolnir Armour with Shields and Radar. No Stat Enhancers added. (Cap)

1) 1 Member Gains a Ribbon, this allows total Immunity to ANY Status Effects. (Includes Illusions, TP, Poison, Burning, Freezing, and Chemical Weapons) (Cap)

4) Gain Prep to study full Dossiers on your enemy as well Team work.

5) 3 Asari Commandos with Adept Class Biotics, Omni Tools, Armor / Shields, and Avenger Rifles.

3) 3 T-600 Terminators with 300 round Chain Guns.

1) Com Gear with Headsets for Whole Team.


20) Fantomex (Dual Pistols, EVA, Misderection works on only on another Main Team, not Followers.)

3) 1 Member Gains the Red Eye Drug, Venom Drug, and Banshee Drug. This allows added 2 Ton Strength, Bullet Time Reaction time on top of their own Reaction Time, and Wolverine Healing Factor. (Fantomex)

4) Gain Prep to study full Dossiers on your enemy as well Team work.

1) 1 Range Weapon other than a Explosive Round kind has Infinite Ammo.

1) 1 Member Gains a Ribbon, this allows total Immunity to ANY Status Effects. (Includes Illusions, TP, Poison, Burning, Freezing, and Chemical Weapons) (Fantomex)

2) 1 Member Gains Adamantium Gauntlets, Greaves, Troso Plates, and Helmet. If they have Armor on Already, then they can replace the parts I listed with Admantium. (Fantomex)

2) 1 Set of Range Weapons gain 5 Explosive (Equal to a Grenade) types, 5 Smoke types, 5 Anti Metal types, and 5 Tear Gas types. (Seal Sniper 1)

2) 6 Man Squad of Navy Seals. All have Kevlar Armor / Plates, Assault Rifles with Scopes, 2 have Barret .50 cal Sniper Rifles, 5 Grenades, 1 has a M-60 with 200 Rounds, Gas Masks, Night Vision Goggles, and Com gear.


Now that you pass the first mission and showed your worth, its time to put you on the front line. In a valley we have 2 bases. One base is ours and the second is in enemy hands. Your Mission is to take that other base and overload the reactor. You be given 1 minuet to escape. It will take a Upload device 3 minuets to load the virus. The Upload cannot be interrupted, if it is, you have to re upload it. At the same time you have to defend your base. The Upload is via Thumb Drive into a Port inside the base. Thumb Drives are Unbreakable.

The Teleporters also work on the base to send you half way in the middle of the map from your base on the top.

Kinda tricky. The Only Vehicles allowed there are a Warthog at each base. Also assorted Weapons from Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and a Rocket Launcher is there.

Top Team Left Base. Bottom Team Right Base.


For this mission you will have access to 1 of these Devices.

1) Over Shield, Gain the Halo Shield till it is whittled away.

2) Stealth Field, you gain the 1 minuet stealth Power Up. Activates when you need it.

3) Dual Wart Hogs. Gain 2 Wart Hogs instead of 1.

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@cadencev2: I'll take the Shield add-on (Fantomex) . Oi have I got a tough one here. (Once again) my team is outmanned 8-7 and outgunned by a fair margin. My first thing to do will be to even the odds a bit. (I'm assuming I can't fly E.V.A to the weapon's cache) I'll have Fantomex board the warthog (is that a tank or something?) and E.V.A cover him from the air and survey the entire battlefield, she'll link into the S.E.A.L's headsets and since she's telepathically linked to Fantomex so my team will effectively be linked. E.V.A will open fire on your team if she see's them in the area. Fantomex will drive to the weapon's cache, secure it and return to base.

He will distribute the weapon's to my team and we will hunker down with E.V.A providing recon. I think my snipers give me the range advantage so when my team gets sight of your team I'll have my snipers open fire and E.V.A come in on strafing runs . If your team continues to press forward I'll have my guys use the rocket launchers and whatever else they acquired to keep the heat on. If they retreat I'll have E.V.A follow and continue the preassure on them.

she'll continue to recon on your base Fantomex and my S.E.A.L's will board the warthog and drive it to your base. E.V.A will airlift them to the rooftop, assume her humanoid form and we'll storm your base (Fantomex leading the charge) take out the rest of your team, upload the virus, board E.V.A and evac.

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Alright my turn.

I will take the Dual Wart Hog Perk.

Starting with follower info.

The 3 T-600s.

I have T-800 and 3 T-600 Terminators.

The T-600 Terminator like the T-800 has excellent accuracy built in and super strength. They are Small Arms Bullet Proof and durable.

Loading Video...

As seen the Strength and Durability allowed this T-600 to continue on ripped in half. Also takes point blank .45 rounds with no prob. Takes a 7.62 M60 to the face to stop it.

Accuracy feats here as well.... well I cannot find a single vid now. There is one scene in TS where a T-600 accuratly targets and drops a guy trying to escape the Cage Pen at the sky net base. Anyway they can be very accurate.

Loading Video...

Tho this one gets Pwn, it proves the firepower it wields in the Chain Gun and Problem Solved how to escape the Rope.

I have 3 of these guys working with my T-800. Whos feats I will post later in the Superiority in all fields to the T-600.

I also have my 3 Asari Commandos.

Asari Commando

What is a Asari?

Asri in combat.

What is a Biotic?

Asari Commandos are Asari with over 60 years of training in Special Ops and even considered to be Ninjas of the Galaxy. the Biotics also make them capable of tanking and killing just about anything.

Equipped with Body Armor that has Shields, Ballistic Vest, and Medi gel healing. as well most have Skin and Bone weavings for increase Durability to match Peak Humans easy.

The Omni Tool is used for scanning, relaying info, and and Communication for the Asari Commando.

Finally the Asari Commando is a try and proven warrior in the field.

Loading Video...

Wrex explains how hard it was to kill a single Asari commando.

Loading Video...

Skip to 5:10

Here we have a small Asari Commando Squad holding out against superior Reaper forces and showing off that Biotic Barrier in tanking hits. Then they organize and hit hard whatever they could (all 6 of them) to give Sheperd a shot at making it to the Temple.

Point is they are well train and combat proven. With 1000 years Lifespans the average Asari Commando been through more wars and merc missions than most species in the Galaxy.


I have the Dossiers on your team and fully aware of your abilities.

I have a HUGE Team Advantage here vs all your range attacks will fail against the Asari commandos Energy Barriers. In the last video 2 Asari can use these barriers to hold Missiles and Brutes attacks with ease.

Since Ammo is not Infinite and limited to 100 rounds (4 total for the Rocket Launchers) you will be wasting alot of time against it.

Honestly I would simply leave 1 Asari with (Barriers up) and Cap at the base. Arm Cap with the Rocket Launcher and Assault Rifle.

Then take 2 Asari (One for each Wart Hog) with the T-800 and the 3 T-600s (2 of them manning the Chain Guns) and drive to your base with Barriers up.

I will easy reach your base and I will Drop Barriers to allow the T-600s and T-800 to open up with the Chain/Mini Guns! We will straigh walk into your base with the Asari throwing Biotic Shockwaves or Stasis on your Navy seals.

I just do not see any way for you to easy drop my T-600s with Gatlings, it takes heavy rifle fire and head shots to drop one. The Asari have Shields along with the Armor.

I dont see anything on your team dropping T-800. Nothing and with the feed back from the Asari and T-600s (Who are not affected by your Misdirection) keep Fantomex back easy. I can then have the Asari throw up the Barriers to keep all enemies out and unhindered download the Virus for the win.

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@cadencev2: I'd like to keep going but the the simple fact of the matter is my SEAL's have nothing that's can combat biotics. Fantomex is protected but he can't misdirect a single target, and while I think I could make a case for him taking on a T-800 or two the discrepancy in firepower between our teams is too great for me to pull a feasible victory ( I don't think Fantomex even with his various enhancements can take on two T-800's and two Asari's by himself. I'm going to have to concede this one to you.

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@sovereign91001: Its 2 T-600s. The T-600s are made of Steel and are bulkier and not as accurate as the T-800 or as strong.