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  • · Team chemistry comes into play.
  • · Knowledge is only on actual Knowledge of character has on other.
  • · Random Battles every time.
  • · Moral On. In Character.
  • · All Cannon Feats apply, unless stated all Feat Applies
  • · Will be Special Scenarios and at Times Obejectives. No need to even defeat your enemy.
  • · All Throwing Weapons, Arrows, and Ammo Weapons have a 100 cap unless Specified.




10) Violator

10) Sasuke (Part 1) (Shurikens)

7) Only your Main Team Gain the Red Eye Drug, Venom Drug, and Banshee Drug. This allows added 2 Ton Strength, Bullet Time Reaction time on top of their own Reaction Time, and Wolverine Healing Factor

5) Gain 6 Clone Troopers, 4 Arc Troopers, and Rex himself. All Armed with Blaster Rifles, their Armor, and Standard Gear.

2) No more Bad Blood, this will remove Rivalries.


15) Darth Vader (Lightsaber)

5) Hellboy (Revolver Hand Cannon)

3) Beast Boy

1) Morals off (Beast Boy)

1) 1 Weapon type (or Pair if they are Dual) Cancels Healing Factors of any kind for 1 Minuet.

7) Only your Main Team Gain the Red Eye Drug, Venom Drug, and Banshee Drug. This allows added 2 Ton Strength, Bullet Time Reaction time on top of their own Reaction Time, and Wolverine Healing Factor.


For your first Mission you must Prove yourself able to be able to do bushiness. There is a important Scientist working on new Nano Tech that can revolutionize the pharmaceutics market. However this Scientist refuses to do business with us. We are sending you in for a quick Grab and Tag mission.

This man is locked up and surrounded by 30 Security Guards made up of Ex special Forces armed with Assault Rifles station inside the House.

He is locked in a Adamantium Vault. We provided you with the Electronic Hack device that will take 5 minuets to unlock the Vault in the House.

After the Vault is unlocked, a secondary trip alarm will set, giving you a total of 10 minuets to escape with the Scientist and his Notes to the Pick up point back where you started.

There will be a Enemy Team out there from our Competitors. How you deal with them is up to you. Top Team is Red. Bottom Team is Blue.


For this mission you will have access to 1 of these Devices.

1) Auto Unlock, Unlocks the Vault Door Automatically.

2) 5 Minuet Stealth Suit, although still experimental this suit will bend light for 5 minuets.

3) Pick Up Service, the Pick Up crew will extract you from their Adamantium Hover Jet from the House Roof instead back at your pick up point, they will not reach you till 4 minuets however.

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So which one of us is trying to get the scientist and which is trying to stop the other? Or am I missing something?

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So which one of us is trying to get the scientist and which is trying to stop the other? Or am I missing something?

You both are after the Scientist.

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Alright thanks for the clarification.

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You can go first if you want

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@juiceboks: My perk will be the 5 minute stealth suit.

Guess I will go first then. Violator is MVP here he has already taken multiple mystical foes(Spawns, vampires, demons, and angels) and even killed a bunch of mafia members while he was human for while. With his demonic powers he makes quick work of the guards. (feats below are while he was human)







Now imagine him with his powers and healing factor. 30 guards wont do much to him. One might wonder how he will open the vault without the device, well Violator has his ways. He has disabled phones, caused a city wide black out(http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/831/spawn137page6.jpg/ before that the city had all its power: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/spawn134page9.jpg/), and jammed guns if my memory serves correct. He uses his mystical powers to open the vault. When he gets the scientist he can open a portal to hell: http://imageshack.us/f/688/violatorvsbadrocktpbpag.jpg/ and creates another one in hell and appears at starting point.

In the mean time Sasuke deals with Vader, Hellboy, and Beast Boy. Beast Boy will probably be killed by the clones leaving the other two to fend for themselves. The stormtroopers distract the other two while Sasuke attacks from a far. With his stealth on he does this to Hellboy:

Loading Video...


After that it is a matter of distracting Vader, while Violator accomplishes the mission.

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@joeagentofhand1 Sorry for the late reply, schoolwork keeping me busy.

I'll take the stealth suit for Hellboy.

Vader is undoubtedly the most powerful member on my team and probably in this whole battlefield. He can easily wipe out the guards that are in the vicinity via mind rape. Beast Boy turns into a dragonfly so as to avoid suspicion and detection and covers the battlefield until he locates your team(which considering Violators size and the fact that he's not exactly a stealthy fighter this shouldn't be hard). He then flies to the door of the scientists lab and shrinks to microscopic size so as to avoid any and all detection Violator may try. In the event that Violator makes it to the lab before Vader, Beast Boy will ambush him by turning a giant variant of a vicious animal(Polar bear, Gorilla, Krypto) and pouncing on him. Whether he will defeat him or not(he probably wont) is irrelevant as he is merely a distraction for Vader to overcome Sasuke, and he and Hellboy to catch up to Violator at the conflict point.

Meanwhile, Vader mindscans the area noticing the guards and your teams presence. Now he has the option to either persuade some of the guards to convince the other guards to engage your team(or persuade Rex and the Clones to turn on the Violator which would provide atleast minimal distraction to him) whilst letting one stay behind to open the vault door, or force crush every guard he comes across until he makes it to the scientists room. Granted he could also just simply force sprint past every guard until he makes it to the room in record time, but that would leave Hellboy in the dust who would be trailing behind him to offer backup with his stealth suit on.

I highly doubt Sasuke can provide ample distraction for a force sensitive of Vader's caliber. Assassins and Jedi's of a much higher experience level have all tried and failed to subdue him. The ability I believe will help most in the event that Sasuke tries to assassinate Vader is his pre cog. Not only will he know he's there from the mind scan but the precog will let him know of his course of attack and Vader will counter accordingly. Theres very little Sasuke can do at this point of his life that can so much as hinder Vader let alone defeat him.

Also in the event Sasuke does try that tactic which proved not to work on Kakashi in the next episode, I imagine it would be similar to this scenario.





Sure the arrows caught him off guard, but they certainly weren't enough to put him down or barely even phase him. With Wolverines regen he would heal even faster than he normally would and Sasuke sending out the shurikens would reveal his presence to Hellboy.

In the end it comes down to Vader and Hellboy vs Violator. Hellboy has ample experience dealing with supernatural opponents on Violator's level so I believe he and Vader with his healing factor disabling lightsaber can accomplish it.

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@juiceboks: Good defense, but it would take more than a mere distraction to slow down a high mid tier character like Violator. He literally one shots Beast Boy considering he fought Badrock a character who is far above class 100 and has held skyscrapers:


In character though Vio probably has something more sinister in mind. Like turning him into a mindslave:


Now it is a 14 on 2 battle(if all the clones are still alive at that point). As the matter of the distraction, the clones will be easily killed by Vader. I do not think Hellboy has what it takes to fight so many clone troopers though considering he was being manhandled by the "dragon" that saint Leonard fought and lost to King Vold' s "wolves". As for Sasuke and Vader, I think he would distract him long enough for Violator to accomplish the mission. Seeing as how a lot of Jedis are hit when not paying attention, like when Obi Wan was knocked out by Durge when he came out of no where or this:


(around 1:04)

Honestly Sasuke was quite impressive later on in part one:

Loading Video...

Note: sorry for the music.

The video leaves out Sasuke running circles around Gaara and dodging his attacks with relative ease. With this speed I believe Sasuke can hold off Vader while Vio gets the scientist. Creating a portal to hell and back appears relatively in Spawnverse considering Vindicator was able to conjure up one within seconds.

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@joeagentofhand1 Nice showings for Violator, but Gar is no pushover either. He's had his fair share of fights with 100 tonners namely Superboy so I don't see him getting one shotted. While he did eventually lose to Prime, if I recall correctly Violator also lost to Badrock albeit for a different reason. Also, he can turn into a giant flaming bird if he needs to avoid getting hit. A King Kong sized sasquatch should be more than enough to tussle with Vio atleast for a while though. Remember he has the Wolverine healing factor so he's definitely not going down easy.

Vader will dispatch the clones very quickly if they happen to survive the guards on my end going after them. Remember Hellboy is still stealthed so he would only come reveal his location when needed. Hellboy's experience with high mid tier foes like Violator is pretty extensive as seen in his first encounter with Hecate, a very powerful witch even moreso than Baba Yaga whom he has also fought and permanently wounded. There's also the Conqueror worm fight.

Vader is a lot more competent when it comes to fighting a single opponent. He is leagues above Obi Wan in terms of force attunement and dueling skills. Speedy attacks wont do much more than annoy him as evidenced in his fight(if you would even call it that) with Siadem and Kulka on Kashyyk in The Rise of Darth Vader. He also has ample training fighting opponents he cannot see as evidenced in his training with Obi Wan and the training with droids he did while holding the title of Darth. In Shadows of the Empire he ordered ASP-19 droids who were designed to be faster and stronger than a human and had the knowledge of dozens of swords masters and atleast 10 different styles. He ended up getting bored with them and resorted to 2v1 matches instead.

Gaara isn't exactly the fastest ninja, he's actually rather slow by ninja standards. Still, Sasuke is pretty fast and his training with Kakashi only improved this but not to a point where Vader cant handle him. He's no slouch when it comes to speed as shown when he killed Roan Lands on Bellassa before Ferus Olin could even react. The moment he knows Sasuke is in his vicinity(he should considering BB scouted the area) he can force crush him as well. A fight between the two wouldn't last long if Vader is serious.

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@juiceboks: I don't understand what is happening in that scan, but it looks cool lol. I just noticed that you don't have no more bad blood. While none of your members are "enemies" their morals do not go hand in hand. While BB is bloodlusted he is still a hero and Vader is a villain. I do not see them working together well. Same with Hellboy and Vader. How will your team fight my team when they are fighting themselves? What's is preventing your team from destroying itself on the inside? Sometimes your worst enemy are your own friends.

So your team chemistry is down and your team is out numbered. Can't Violator just stop Vader's lightsaber from working? Considering he caused a city wide blackout and shut off a phone(http://imageshack.us/f/710/spawn34page15.jpg/ one can also assume he shut down the security cameras, but he has already shown a higher feat than that) I believe he could do it(normally magic trumps science). Let's just say Vader does beat Sasuke before Vio gets the scientist(I will post more scans of how Sasuke will hold Vader, later). The plan is simple then, use BB as puppet to fight Vader(that is assuming BB and Hellboy are willing to play nice with Vader). Vio has shown to able to control multiple people at the same time(http://imageshack.us/f/822/spawn137page5.jpg/) so he can easily have full control over BB.

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It is pretty cool lol. He turned into it to save the rest of the titans and revive Raven in Dakota not too long ago. My teams moral compasses don't differ too much from one another. They all are certainly not above killing and while Vader is a "villain" he's not above working with people he deems competent. None of them know anything about the other save for their abilities so so long as theyre after the same thing, I don't think they'll be against working together. If anything Vader will probably say something like, "Don't get in my way, or you'll regret it." Which neither Hellboy nor BB will be doing as Gar goes off to scout and Hellboy goes stealth.

Speaking of which, Violator and Sasuke are two completely different characters as well. Violator is an evil demon who uses undermining tactics and possession to get what he wants. Sasuke, at the time before he gets trained by Orochimaru, is a good ninja. Rex and company are also good guys. Unless he can trick them all I don't see how they'll do anything he says. Hell, Spawn didn't even wanna work with him when he first introduced himself.

I don't think Violator can shut down Vader's lightsaber mostly because he has no knowledge of it or how it works. It uses a special M'kraan crystal as its power source which isn't at all similar to anything Violator has ever come across. He could try but it would be a big gamble against someone who's as fast(if not faster) than he is. He would also have to know he even has one and with Vader moving so fast it would probably just look like a red blur of energy from an unknown source.

Hellboy wont be possessed as he always has pockets of herbs and a holy cross to protect him from supernatural forces. He's also part demon with a stone arm that helps protect against things like that so it wont work if Violator tries. Beast Boy on the other hand could be susceptible to it, but remember he still has the element of surprise. A 25 ft Sasquatch pummeling him, a giant cobra spitting blinding venom in his eyes, or a phoenix engulfing him in flames would surely break any attempted concentration on possessing him like he did to the denizens of Rat City.

In the event he does manage to take control of him, Vader can easily knock out BB by choking him. His TK is so powerful he could toss around X-Wings so it wouldn't take much effort to suffocate him.

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Can you guarantee your team wont fight each other? Coming from different universes and having different morals put your team at odds with itself. My team is protected by the no bad blood, even if that was not their Violator could easily manipulate Sasuke(considering he was manipulating the likes of Jason Wynn). Then again no bad blood.

I would believe Violator could seeing as how he knows nothing about technology(heck I know what a telephone is and I can't figure out how to jam it) due to being born in medieval times. So it is safe to say he could.

As for Vader what is to to stop Vio from giving him a heart attack (http://imageshack.us/f/703/spawn199page11.jpg/)? Nothing, seeing as how he gave Sam a heart attack a long distance away. I am no expert on Vader's reaction timing, so could he sense all this along with dealing with the clones?

Loading Video...

(Keep in mind Sasuke could not use his chakra due to the seal)

How about Hellboy? Sure he tanked a couple arrows, but even Wildcat has withstood getting hit by arrows. I don't think Hellboy can keep up with Sasuke or Violator for that matter. The battle between Vio and Hellboy would end up like this:



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It's more likely they wont fight each other than they would. Especially since they don't have to deal with each other for very long. Gar goes to scout while Hellboy just stealth modes and follows Vader. No need for an extended conversation and Hellboy's anti-hero tendencies and laidback attitude shouldn't conflict with Vader's ego. I didn't see the bad blood perk so my bad on that.

I think you underestimate Hellboy a little bit here. Remember he has 50 years of fighting supernatural opponents many of which on Violators level of physical stats. His Good Samaritan hand cannon shoots holy rounds of church bells and other things specifically made to combat demonic enemies. He also has his cross that offers resistance to hellish energies to an extent. I'm not saying he would kill him, but he certainly would put up a good fight against an enemy he has made a long career of hunting.

If Vio doesn't know he has a lightsaber or even what a lightsaber is, I don't believe he would think of jamming it. I don't recall him jamming devices or weapons he doesn't know exist so it's unlikely that he would resort to that here. I suppose he could try and give him a heart attack but I don't think he would have time to try that what with Vader's speed assault and all. In character he would probably just engage normally rather than try something like that especially since he'll be outnumbered.

Just to give an idea of how fast Vader can be. Jedi Padawans can move faster than the human eye can follow without using force sprint. Knights even quicker, and Masters faster still. Jedi Master Relin Druur used it to cross 100 meters in 1 second when he attacked the Harbinger. Vader is virtually unmatched when it comes to dueling. As Anakin he was undoubtedly one of, if not the fastest force user in the galaxy. This was after Order 66 and right before the mishap on Mustafar. He ended up getting a little slower due to the cybernetic implants but his skills as a Force wielder only grew. All he would need is to hit Sasuke once to sever a limb or a major body organ to kill him and he is more than capable of such a feat.

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I'm goin with Juicebooks

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I have to edge it to Juiceboks. Vader is difficult to counter.

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Both were great, but in the end i'm gonna go with Juiceboks

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