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Both ship's main masts are tooken down by chained shots, soon grapple hooks are thrown across each ship's hammock. Swords clash and guns go off which crew will come out on top when the smoke clears?

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I'm voting for the one with Geoffrey Rush in it. Davy Jones may be an octopus face, but Barbosa has #swag, yo.

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the black pearl crew should eventually win by prospect fo shipwide immortality

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Without Johnny Depp pulling out his PIS feats. The Black Pearl sinks relatively quick. The Flying Dutchman's triple guns are deadly. Not to mention Davy Jones has magical powers and the Kraken...

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@omgomgwtfwtf It's not really a battle between the ships, it's between the crews, in the case of the OP it wouldn't matter which ship is sunken they are both basically invading each other. But more than likely the Captain would be the one to not leave his ship.

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I think the Black Pearl crew wins. Not only are they immortal, but if they are dismembered the lost body parts can continue to fight as well. While the Dutchman's crew might also be immortal (not sure, was it ever stated if the could be killed?) the only dismemberment feat was with the hermit crab-head guy, and that was not impressive.

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The skeletons beat the fish people.

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Davy Jones' crew would win every time, why do you think every other pirate in the world is afraid of them?

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Davy Jones>Barbossa.

One does not simply scare Captain Jack sparrow.

Edit: Captain

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He is immortal unless you stab his heart.

He can make people immortal through an agreement (i.e. serving as a crewmen on the Flying Dutchmen).

He can travel through objects to get to destinations within eye view.

He can phase through objects.

He can breathe underwater.

He can control his limbs, even if they are detached.

Has control over the Kraken, a giant sea monster.

Knows a spell to seal Calypso, the goddess of the sea, in human form and greatly weakening her powers.

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@omgomgwtfwtf: I was thinking Magical in a sense that it can be lethal.

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I'm pretty sure the Flying Dutchman crew is immortal as well, they just didn't make a point out of it like the Black Pearl did in the first Pirates.

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Is the Kraken part of the flying Dutchmen's crew?

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Davy Jones solos.

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Davy Jones>Barbossa.

One does not simply scare Captain Jack sparrow.

Edit: Captain

priceless LOL