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The Avengers from the Earth's Mightiest Heroes show vs Crime Syndicate from the Justice League Crisis on Two Earths movie. Im using the line up from the end of the 1st season since the Avengers arent really looking so good right now. Which team would win?

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Crime Syndicate,they doenst have morals

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Avengers EMH

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The Avengers EMH. They have more members.

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@jeanroygrant said:

Avengers EMH

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Avengers :)

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Crime Syndicate definetely. Owlman and Johnny Quick can take out Wasp, Captain America, Black Panther. Green Lantern can take out Iron Man and the vision. Super Woman can take out Ms. Marvel and Ant man. Ultra man and Super Woman take out Thor. Then everybody teams up on the hulk and beats him.

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If it's the full Crime Syndicate (original 7 minus made-men) they take this.

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Speed Blitz ftw

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There are like 4-5 members on the Avengers that don't even matter.