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Craig Jones and Smokey


Harold Lee and Kumar Patel


Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble

What a wonderful Christimas Day it was in the city and oh how the holiday joy was spreading all over town. Except for these 3 fools who wandered the city in search of there most loved and cheerished items. Craig & Smokey searched for there lost weed and bag of money containing 10,000 dollars which they found cruising around the city looking for a job. Harold & Kumar happened to have found that weed and bag of money which Smokey lost when he accidentally ran into Debo who chased after him as well as Craig. That bag of money originally belonged to Kenan and Kel who were suppose to have kept the money safe for Kel's dad who couldn't cash in the money he won at a casino because it was a long Christmas weekend where the banks were closed The weed belonged to Kenan who was holding it for a friend. Kel's parents had to go away from the weekend and couldn't take it with them where they were going. Oh did I mentioned Craig and Smokey also stole Kel's orange soda which they drank all of? Kenan & Kel also stole Harold and Kumar's bag of white castle burgers which White Castle had just closed earlier in the day.

In this Holiday bash which will take's place across the city on Christmas Eve who gets there weed and money? Who gets there ultimate win and revenge in this bash? Who wins this wild and fun chase? Win by all means possible for all teams. Last this takes place in New York City where these three teams can get into all sorts of trouble.

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Jay and Silent Bob come wip all their buts and take the weed,money, and burgers BONG!!!