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In a jungle, an army of Covenant soldiers (Halo) have been attacked by a force of Akrid beasts (Lost Planet)

This battle see's for the Covenant

75 Grunts, 50 Drones, 40 Jackals, 12 Elites. 10 Brutes, 5 Hunters

They have acess to any of their various guns. As well as 10 Ghosts, 3 Wraiths, 1 Scarab, and 1 Destroyer


On the side with numerical superiority but less technology are the Akrid they bring in

100 Trillid, 100 Bolsepia, 60 Sepia, 30 Vodogg, 30 Chryatis, 10 Gorechryatis, 10 Dongo, and for heavy support Akrid X, and two Undeep Akrid

Rules are fairly simple here. it's a battle to the death. However the Destroyer is not allowed to fly up and nuke everything. So for the battle the Destroyer is restricted to being within range of the Akrid to strike at, but within enough room for it to fire on them as well.

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never heard of any of the akrid?