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The two fiends of the night duel, Dracula is immune to the nosferatu's plague, and Orlok is immune to the vampirism, they are in a enormous castle that stretches for over 100,000,000 square kilometers in area and is 10,000 kilometers high.       This is classic movie dracula. 

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Drak Boy for the win
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King Saturn said:
"Drak Boy for the win
They have nearly identical powers and weaknesses, but Orlok has a shadow and reflection and doesn't turn into bats or wolves or rats, he hypnotizes them, and he can command any door to open no matter what you put on it.  
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I dont know D:

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Bump for definitive answer because it seems inconsistent,

I say orlok because i the film his threat expands over to a bigger scope (spreading the plague with rats and all plus phasing)