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Fight takes place:

The Invisible Hand - the area in which Anakin and Obi-Wan fought Dooku


- Maul is TPM levels, and has a saberstaff

- Dooku is at RotS level

- Savage is at his current level

- Morals on

- No lightning\choke ability allowed

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My tendency is to say Dooku, since he did pretty well in combat against multiple combatants in the movies (even if he ultimately died in that context).  He could take on Yoda without being totally wiped out, and I understand that he beat Windu in sparring once.  Maul was also able to take on multiple opponents in the movies (and also "died" in that context), but they were perhaps somewhat lesser opponents than Dooku's.  Maul and Opress haven't totally impressed me in their new comic--not that they're terrible by any means, but Maul got stabbed from behind by a padawan for god's sake!  And the two of them together didn't seem much more than a match for the two no-name (to me at least) Jedi they fought.

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Im gonna say Dooku on this one. He's got more skill then the team. He was also able to fight Yoda to an extent, and I'm pretty sure if the team tried to fight Yoda they would get killed pretty quick. Dooku is also a superb swordsman, more so then Maul or Opress. With all that said, I say Dooku takes this.