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Could she do it?

This is our current time (2013), her drop off point is Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Nuke it?

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Nuke it?

Haha true, but how long will our government etc. hold off until that was the decision? and how much of LA county would be infested by then?

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They tried nuking nests before - somehow either the queen keeps kicking or they've already got another alien lurking to replace her.

Short of the Earth knowing where she is and responding quickly - No we all die.

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@phylos said:

Could she do it?

This is our current time (2013), her drop off point is Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.


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The only way is BFR, as in NUKE. But the gov't/UN won't do that, until as a last resort, and by then then the aliens would've taken over most of Earth. If no nuke, we're screwed.

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Can aliens swim? If not, then those on ships would be safe.

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Can aliens swim? If not, then those on ships would be safe.

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Earth wins, We have Chuck Norris

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A mouthful of direct JDAMs or Cruise Missles and we have one dead Alien Queen

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@referee said:

Earth wins, We have Chuck Norris

That joke is way too old. We would lose because we don't have Bruce Lee anymore.

- Pip

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Some humans will survive..in bunkers or on sea but on the continents xenos will wipe us out.

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I doubt the Alien Queen could hold off all the military firepower that the government have to offer.

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The Xenomorph Queen would have pretty good chances of eliminating the population of Earth.

It's been shown in canon that the Xenomorph as a group, and the Queens individually, are highly intelligent, with a good grasp of strategy and planning.

There would be a relatively short window of maybe a few days, to as much as a week or so, where it would be relatively easy to take her out, but after that period, she will have established a safe Lair for herself, protected by Praetorians and Warriors, while an increasing number of Drones and Warriors gather more and more of the local population for incubation, to create more Xenomorphs.

Unless the Queen's landing is, somehow, extremely public, then odds are that the military won't step in until after the Lair has been established, and unless there are next to no civilians in the area that she(the Queen) is in, they won't bomb it, or use other massively destructive weapons against her from the get-go.

Basically it's a race, if the military/government actually realizes the seriousness of the threat that she/they pose, quickly enough, then they will most likely step in with the necessary equipment/weaponry to take out the hive(and not leave any survivors).

If the military don't realize the scope of the threat in time, then the Hive, and the Xenomorph numbers, will have grown to such a size, that they won't be able to stop them unless they nuke the shit out of 'em. Which, on national soil, they won't be willing to do except as an absolutely last resort(at which point it would be too late).

With the way that the government works, in current day, the odds are very much in favor of the Queen, and her rapidly increasing brood.

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No, because I will rape its mouth and watch my offspring burst from its chest

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Nope, if we had more then one planet sure but since we're stuck in this planet she has her way with us.

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@sirmethos: Not really.When something unknown was caught flying over San Diego multiple bombs were shot into the sky killing multiple people on the ground.More than likely of the military understood the threat of the xenos they would probably lie about the bombing causing many conspiracies.

The lair that you speak of would more then likely be quarnteened off, and the best place for her to set up camp would be either the sewers or more then likely subways.While she's laying some eggs in these places it would be likely that a couple of face-huggers would get some people and the xenomorphs would hatch, They would grow pretty fast and capture some host to bring back to the lair being relatively unseen.But when word gets out about people in the subway being captured and killed and many sightings of alien like creatures and huge bug like creatures running around attacking and grabbing people the subway would be shut down and evacuated pronto,then a couple of swat teams would go in and get killed or captured and then we would bomb the place to oblivion.

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No, at worst it gets all of North America. By then, the rest of the world will know and be able to act.

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@norrinboltagonprime21: She really wouldn't get out of a subway if she landed in NYC.Let alone the entire country.

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@norrinboltagonprime21: She really wouldn't get out of a subway if she landed in NYC.Let alone the entire country.

I was referring to her laying eggs and the aliens leaving the country.

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No, without PIS they get shot to shit.

As far as I am concerned Aliens has shown me that Xenomorphs are suicidal and pop like water balloons under machine gun fire.

She's in a warehouse- we blow up the warehouse.

In a sewer we cover the entrances and send in drones which they have no reason to attack

They wouldn't stand a chance unless it's one of those movie Earths that have never heard of them and make really bad decisions.

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How long does it take her to lay eggs and raise Young. If she landed somewhere remote then I think she has a chance of raising a hive before getting noticed.

I suspect landing in Los Angeles she would be seen and monitored quite quickly. Her 'nest' would be quarantined, but she probably would be destroyed at the first signs of hostilities. There would probably be attempts to capture her, but that is unlikely to succeed even more so if she hides underground. If she survives long enough to lay eggs then they would be taken for research.

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@norrinboltagonprime21: This is a non factor.If she set up camp somewhere she would not abandon her eggs or her nest unless she was flushed out and the other xenomorphs would not abandon her,as they are of a hive mind set.

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Actually America is making railguns now... so....I guess we don't need those nukes....