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Your mission – Clear the gauntlet, save the world


  1. No one with reality warping capability
  2. No one with magic greater than SS Doctor Strange
  3. No plot device wins
  4. No time manipulation
  5. You can have a team of five characters all will have to be able to work together efficiently ( that is if they normally wouldn’t work together assume they wont here – or will act in their normal character)
  6. All players are completely in character
  7. You will have a day of rest and prep for each round with information on the threat your dealing with next only.

The Gauntlet

Round 1

Ultra-Humanite has come up with a new plan of universal conquest. This time to achieve his goal he has sought out and gained the aid of his Old Ally Brainwave as well as Amazo, Apocalypse and Magneto. Each will share the spoils when done. He has been planning this for several months and has built up all the arsenal he needs to do the job accounting for the heroes he knows will intervene

Round 2

Despero has Joined with Starro, and Loki who has control of the destroyer armor. They are seeking to destroy the band of heroes who have opposed them so often before (for the sake of the thread that will be your team). They are full bloodlusted

Round 3

Thanos and Darkseid have formed an alliance and have gained the help of Pulsar Stargrave, Lobo, Juggernaut and Terrax to aid them. They have additionally had a months prep for their assault on your headquarters. DS believes your team has possession of the ALE and Thanos believes you have captive his lady death. Both will stop at nothing and are highly motivated.

Round 4 (final round)

Should you make it this far, for this round you can solicit the aid of two more team members within the rules. You may additionally have an extra 4 days prep.

Mordru, Dormammu, Eclipso, and Mephisto have gown tired of the interference of the heroes of man. They have decided once and for all to end all such interference. They have planed for this for two weeks and have built their power to ensure victory.

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No one's having a go on this??

Do I need to make the gauntlet a little easier?

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Don't think it's possible to clear this given the restrictions

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@LordMaverick said:

Don't think it's possible to clear this given the restrictions
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That's everyone on Herald Level.

No one with reality warping capability.
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@HigorM: @Madame_Blossom: @LordMaverick: OP edited

@Mr_Ingenuity: almost every character in the OP is herald level and only two have reality warping

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@beatboks1: Madame Xanadu, Scarlet Witch, Magik, Emma Frost, and John Constantine.

does this team fit into the qualifications?

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that team would have been acceptable b4 i removed he other 5 restictions. how do they attack each round?

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what other changes do I have to make to make this achievable?? I've removed almost half of the restrictions.

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The Fallen One( I think that his name).


Silver Surfer.

I may edit later.

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@beatboks1: Nice gauntlet.

Here we go. The team:


Vril Dox

Doctor Strange


Cyborg Superman

Round 1

X-Man shields my team against Ultra and Brainwave.

Cyborg Sup turns Amazo and Apoc into puppets and they are in my team (thanks to technopathy). Furthermore he takes the control on your arsenal.

The team jumps in the fight.

Round 2

IMO this one is really hard.

Cyborg and X-man versus Despero.

Doom and Strange know about Loki and Destroyer.

Vril knows about Starro.

I only see BFR by Strange with back up Doom and Vril (shield and co).

Round 3

Assault on MY headquarters with Doom and Vril.

Vril puts Lobo in our team... ;-)...I'm kidding.

No disrespect but I would say Cyborg solo versus Lobo, Jugger and Terrax. Speedblitz and BFR into the sun.

I don't know about Pulsar...but I would say versus Strange (who is not a joke...I know...you know that).

And prep master war.

Doom & Vril versus Thanos & Darkseid.

I will always go with my team...because they have some crazy feats...and they are not considered like God. So they start from far away (Doom is just a man...respect).

Round 4

Too harder.

Mordru, Dormammu, Eclipso...in the same team...add Mephisto...

For raw power...my team is dead.

I will add:

High Evolutionary



This team of geniuses should find a way to BFR your team.

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@xdm: Nicely played. As for your not being sure about Pulsar Stargrave, you have the Perfect foil in Vril Dox. PS is Vril's arch foe (the former computer tyrants of Colu in the body they created that makes them Kryptonian level and a living star). Dox has defeated them every time they've reared their head.