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Who wins? Lucifer Morningstar and His bro? Or the thought robot and the Tribunal.

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Together the brothers win. If Lucifer fought Tribunal and Thought Robot he could possiblly decieve them or take over the thought robot threw manipulation. But I cant see him soloing both of them at the sametime through shur power. Micheal on the other hand very well could.

Lucifer and Micheal win.

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Stalemate between Lucifer/Michael and the Living Tribunal.

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there is no such character as 'cosmic armor superman'

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there is no such character as 'cosmic armor superman'

there is, it's from final crisis: superman beyond.

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Stalemate maybe, Michael or Lucifer could probably take the robot with ease, no idea what kinda awesome cosmic battle the LT will bring against the duo of team 2.

@charliejade said:

there is no such character as 'cosmic armor superman'


It may be a common misconception to those who don't follow these DC comics that superman is the thought robot.

It exists, an armor made in the likeness of superman.. Not superman himself. When he puts it on/powers it, we have a cosmic armor superman.

Don't just read off from a few threads and come to the same conclusion... I read similar comments, and they're wrong. Haters all lol.


The "cosmic" part is in no way comparable from DC to marvel. SO there's no confusion there. :D