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Sorry couldn't find any videos or pictures for Akuma.

As most of you know by now, in MvC3 Akuma becomes a herald of Galactus by being given the Power-cosmic.

In thread I am asking who do you think will win in a fight.

If This also happened to akuma in a comic/show you can use that in this thread as well.

Here are all of UIW's feats before anyone asks

TK that tossed Gladiator pretty far which takes him quite a noticible time to come back:

Beating G in h2h with NOT much difficulty, even though he sneaked up on her first:

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I know it's not a practical battle thread, but come one does anyone have anything to say here.

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No idea how powerful Cosmic Akuma is, but those are some badass scans of Sue Storm rocking Gladiator.