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One at a time obviously, otherwise it'll probably end in a mismatch due to out numbering. So can Corvo (Dishonoured) defeat all of the assassins from the Assassins Creed franchise? Altair, Ezio then Connor?

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dumb thread, corvo has powers by the end of the game...unless it is specified otherwise he'd stomp them all at once, let alone individually

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He could solo all 3 at once with time stop / rat plague to name just 2

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Then let's take away time stop

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Taking away his timestop would definitly help but he still wins. He has pistols and has the ability to Blink all over the map in seconds giving him good mobility. Corvo also has the ability to see trough things so he should have no problem finding the assassins. Corvo could also briefly possess people so that could be a issue.