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Who would win?

- Corvo Attano has all the items/powers he can have in the game(of course)

- Wolverine CAN enter berserk rage mode

- Battle takes place at night in a random city

- To the death


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Corvo can possess Logan, but that's not gonna do much. And it's only for a limited time.

All of his offensive powers, including Rat Swarm or Windblast or Adrenaline Surge won't do much to Logan except maybe, piss him off.

He can blink around Logan and dance circles around him but, that's probably all he will able to do.

Time-stop and then Grenade spam also won't affect him much but on the other hand, it will take a few strikes from Logan to finish off Corvo.

I realize that you thought that it would be a good fight but this is an unintentional spite. Don't worry, not your fault. Happens to all of us. We've all made spite threads. :)
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Corvo plays his cards right he can take this encounter if he has the abilities from the game imo.

A detailed scenario should have been added ie-Populated NYC then Corvo could have made the most of his possession abilities.

Not spite imo.

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I would give it to Corvo if he knows about Wolverine, possession is a horribly overpowered ability in a battle and could let him place Wolverine in a position to be horribly wounded and then restrained.

If he doesn't then Wolverine has the edge, he could be caught off guard by the healing factor.

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to be honest the only ability corvo can use to his advantage is time stop.. and even then im not entirely convinced

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If its full powers then Corvo apart from the mentioned abilities has Shadow kill add this to freeze time & thats an instant KO win for Corvo.

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From the game when you possess someone you sometimes kill them when you leave them so that may help..

But in a way Corvo could just blink from roof to roof, after hours of this he could try to lure him to a pit or somewhere, then he could use the rats, burn him, throw grenades, or whatever he needs.

So maybe he could work with this and take him down. But Beserker mode would end Corvo pretty quick if he eats to close. Unless Corvo has lots of health potions on hand. That's what takes him down.