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Constantine Drakon and Deathstroke


Wolverine and Sabretooth


  • Pre 52 versions of drakon and deathstroke
  • morals are on
  • Standard gear (in drakons case this is dual hand guns with unlimited bullets but must reload and assortment of adamantium knives)
  • Random encounter
  • Win by death/KO/incapacitation


  • Both begin visible
  • Begin 50 feat apart
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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Since Constantine drakon isn't the most popular character ever here are some feats....

Runs down the roof top of the apartment across the street, across the street, up the stairs, and kicks down the door in under a minute
He's faster than connor Hawke.
Shows pressure points and strength (punching connor through a door) also makes his left leg and arm numb.
Catching an entire weapon chest 1
Catches the entire chest and is only taken out with a hit from behind.
Running over to roy and cutting his throat 1
Running over to roy and cutting his throat before he can react 2
Cuts roys throat before he can react 3.
Introducing himself
Throws a knife really fast 1
Throws a knife really fast 2
Green arrow calls him a super speeding freak and he also shoots at him from across the street
Nearly shoots green arrow while blind.
More arrow catching
More arrow catching....These things are useless on him.
Blitzing connor and speedy
Blitzing connor and speedy
Blitzing connor and speedy
Defeated due to ambush.

Keep in mind connor hawke is a top tier fighter (gave shiva a tough fight, beat silver monkey, etc)

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Going with Team Healing Factor on this one.

As for feats Sabertooth has skilled wise beaten Logan the majority of battles and competed with iron Fist often. As for major feats Sabertooth killed a Wendigo and took its Pelt. A feat Logan never matched.

Wolverine is... well here to help Sabertooth LOL.

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Sabretooth is a joke compared to Logan these days (lost to him a bunch of times in the last one year alone, and most of them were stomps) so calling him the MVP might not be accurate. Drakon vs Sabretooth depends on whether the Greek can use his blades to inflict enough damage on Sabretooth to take him down. Then again, Creed does have a good track record against Black Panther, so blades and speed aren't necessarily enough to beat him. Drakon additionally doesn't have a whole lot of durability/endurance feats, simply because it's rare for any of his opponents to even make contact with him because of his speed. Creed can take a lot of what Drakon can dish out, but Drakon can't really say the same. Slade would beat Creed but lose to Logan, making Drakon the weak link.

Team 2 for the majority.

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Team 2 ftw

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Team 2.

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Team 2 ftw

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@dondave: @XiiX: @Lone_Wolf_and_Cub: Reasons?

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I just can't see Drakon doing enough damage to take down either of Team Two, especially with Logan's adamantium.