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> Elimination via Knock-out or Incapacitation. Submission counts, as well.
> Conan knows Deadpool is immortal. 
> Both opponents are in character. 
> NO GUNS 4 DP. Conan is equipped with a regular sword. Wade has a katana. 
> No prep-time.  
> Both are in close quarters. 
> Current version of Wade. Current version of Conan.

Who will be the last man standing here.

The Setting: 
 Pantheon Ruins
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Conan if he could trap dp in a rocket and send him off to the sun or something.

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Is current deadpool is still without his healing factor? Not that I think it matters as I think deadpool could win either way but I'm far from an expert on Conan.

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@jashro44: Yes, he still has no healing-factor. 
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This is a tough one. I want to say Deadpool, because he has always displayed remarkable reflexes, speed, agility, and has more than a bit of a knack touching just the right buttons to mess with his opponent and keep them offguard. However, Conan is a master with his swords and unarmed combat.

I just don't know if Conan has ever really dealt with someone like Deadpool. That is, somebody who is an expert with many eastern martial arts styles, knows western martial arts, and someone who is fully competent at dealing with both ends of the spectrum. Over and above that, you add in Deadpool talking the whole time (which even Daredevil said was next to impossible to put out of his mind, and stated it was hindering him even though it was helping him pinpoint Deadpool's location) and you have a tough victory.

I'm slightly biased towards Deadpool, and I tend to side with him more often than not in a fairly even battle, so keep that in mind. However, I'm going with Deadpool nonetheless 8/10 matches.

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Does anyone have feats of Conan with a regular sword?
What's a regular sword anyways?
My understanding is Conan with his Bastard sword would basically break Deadpool's katana in two if they both clashed together like it was 2 lightsabers in Starwars.
I definitely am almost ready to give this to Deadpool since he has katana and his martial arts, I'm highly biased from being a Deadpool fan anyways, but I would like to see some Conan supporters put up something before straight up deciding the winner.

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He managed to beat up on Captain America's cut his arm almost clean off...The dudes a monster. A lot of it goes to the Conan novels, the guy hews through armies, sword experts, wizards, demons, demi-gods, dragons....He is ultra quick, strong, can soak up a ton of punishment. Fights like a man possessed and is just downright brutal. These are always so tough. But if it's just to victory and not to death I gotta go with Conan. It's really Conans resolve that does it for me. Conan was born to slay, Deadpool is just for some good action and running his mouth.

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Especially since DP has no Healing factor.

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Conan.  He doesn't talk. He just attacks.