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Superman and batman and the legion couldnt beat him maybe majectic could here composites powers for those who dont know.

The ability to grow to giant size (Colossal Boy)

The ability to shrink (Shrinking Violet)

The ability to divide into 3 people (Triplicate Girl)

The ability to fire lightning bolts (Lightning Lad)

The ability to generate heat and light (Sun Boy)

The ability to make things super-lightweight (Light Lass)

The ability to make things super-heavy (Star Boy)

The ability to eat any form of matter (Matter-Eater Lad)

The ability to turn invisible (Invisible Kid)

The ability to inflate into a large ball (Bouncing Boy)

The ability to stretch any part of his body (Elastic Lad)

The ability to shapeshift (Chameleon Boy)

Telepathy (Saturn Girl)

12th level intelligence (Brainiac 5)

Magnetic powers (Cosmic Boy)

X-ray vision that could see through anything, even lead (Ultra Boy)

The ability to transmute elements (Element Lad)

The ability to phase through solid matter (Phantom Girl)

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I don't know anything about this character other than what you've just shown, but with those powers, I think Majestic could take him. Super speed punch to the head looks like it would end it. I see no speed or defense there that would make that attack unsuccessful.

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Zee, If he's called Composite Superman, does he have Superman's powers too? Or even Mon El's since he was on the LSH too? That would change the fight considerably.

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sorry composite superman has mon els super girls and supermans power basicalyl makign 3 time more durable then superman and he also 3 times sronger meaning he lifts around 300tons and hes very smart and has and anti matter ray meaning he could wipe pretty much any body from exsitence he can even transmute elemntas when he turns part of a tower to green k weaking superman.

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right now Im thinking Majestic

unless comp superman can transmute all forms of matter

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@ChaosBlazer said:

unless comp superman can transmute all forms of matter

Won't matter because he'll be blitzed by the time he thinks.