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Both Commander Shepard and Master Chief suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings different then those from their respective games. They soon realize that though the galaxy isn't theirs they're the best shot at saving it. They have to go through the others three games and survive Master Chief vs Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 and Commander Shepard vs Halo 1,2, and 3. Can Shepard stop the activation of Halo/defeat the Covenant? Can Chief stop the Reapers? Or will they both die?

Commander Shepard starts Halo CE as a fully upgraded soldier (from Mass Effect 3) with the fully upgraded slam ability. He has the melee omni tool from mass effect 3. He starts with the weapons he has from the beginning of Mass Effect 3 but can pick up any weapon along the way. He gets Cortana.

Master Chief starts Mass Effect 1 with an assault rifle, an energy sword, the Halo CE magnum and a shot gun. He can also pick up weapons along the way.

Bonus round *Can Master Chief gain the loyalty of the Normandy Crew and romance mass effect 3 Ashely?*


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Both loose. Shepard is not a super solider and wouldn't survive the hordes of enemy's Chief has faced alone!

Halo 1 = Dies horribly

Halo 2 = Dies horribly

Halo 3 = Dies Horribly

And Chief doesn't have the Charisma/Diplomatic skill to unite the Galaxy against the Reapers.

ME 1 = Would not have gone to Ilos and the Reapers win

ME 2 = Could survive the Suicide mission with no one's loyalty by doing the heavy lifting himself in the Collector base

ME 3 = Won't unite the Galaxy and the Reapers win

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Bump anyone

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Solder is the worst class you could possibly pick for this match upthoughe the salm will help

Halo 1 he might take this since he can co opt their shields with his omni tool and the heat based weapons ( incedierary rounds and cryo rounds) should be very efective against the flood

Halo 2 By this time he should have put togehether a crew of Humans that work with him and walk into hell for him at the drop of a hat i see him clearing this in a different way from MC reallying more on cunning and team work then skill with a gun he should have also hastened the great skisum and worked with the Elites to take out the flood

Halo 3 if he follows the above senerio he clears here by useing the resources of his new allience ( which he will make work togehter with supernatural charisma) and now a fully functionaland large squad of devoted followers from a bunch of races

MC is screwed as he is as charismatic as a brick

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@cjdavis103: Doubt Shepard would survive the first encounter with the flood. He's definitely not surviving the "Keyes" mission where he's teleported alone into an Covenant Ship that's being invaded by Flood and has to fight both armies at once!

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Sheapard is better at keeping people alive them MC ( look at theri records who has a better kill death ratio for alles) and seeing as he has weapons that might as well be designed to deal with the flood he stands a good chance of surviveing

the keys mission might be the crux of the whoole thing if he clears that and gets to Halo 2 he can clear with a team i think he can clear here with dificulty by playing both sides against each outher and useing his and cortonas tech to get him an easy way to his objective

if Shepard can get a team of people working with him he can upgrade their ammo useing his powers giveing them the edge they need to survive and from Halo 2 and on he can add his tech to the UNSC to give them a major tech overhall

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No doubt that Shepard could survive with fellow marines backing him but it's the solo missions where he's vulnerable! He faces a similar mission in Halo 2 when the Gravemind teleports him into the Royal Command Center of the Covenant fleet where he has to fight the covenant (including the royal guardsmen who are the most skilled in the army) the rebelling elites and the flood! He does get an handful of marines to help him And Maybe he can convince some of the rebelling elites to help him with his maxed out Paragon and/or Renegade.

But even then the chances of him keeping his "new" mini-team alive is pretty vague. Yes he's survived alot of suicide missions already but he's been preped for them beforehand, here he's thrown in into the heart of the covenant fleet facing some of the most aggressive and vicious of the covenant forces and the flood on top of that with only a few marines and maybe elites to help him on the way. Yeah it's gonna be really close call with a few to none survivors and then he has the problem to get back to earth. MC got there by hitchhiking onto the forerunner ship and then fall from orbit. I don't see how Shepard would even get to earth..

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