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Out of DC or Marvel.

No Entities or cosmic level beings. (Except Heralds)

Mainstream Marvel (616) and pre-52

Who is...

physically strongest:

Fastest (to travel 1 000 000 miles on a straight path):

Best fighter (h2h):

Best Warrier (street lvlers only, standard gears):

Best Telepath:

Fastest Healer:

Strongest Will:

Most Inventive:

Greatest Hacker:

Strongest Magic User:

Best Business Tycoon (Richest):

Happiest Hero:

Most Tragic Hero:

Happiest Villian:

Most Tragic Villian:

Most Popular:

You can do one for a guy and another for a girl, up to you!

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The ones I can get a good judgement on...

physically strongest: Trion Juggernaut maybe

Fastest (to travel 1 000 000 miles on a straight path): Zoom, one of the flashes, Mr. Majestic, Silver Surfer, they are all MANY times faster than light

Best fighter (h2h): Karate Kid

Best Telepath: Best as in hardest to resist or can effect the most?

Fastest Healer: Madcap

Strongest Will: Dr. Doom

Best Business Tycoon (Richest): Lex Luthor, not sure if he is exactly the richest but he is the best businessman.

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1. Hulk infinite strength

2. Zoom, infinite speed

3. Karate Kid

4. Deathstroke

5. Professor X

6. Lobo? (not sure about this one)

7. Batman

8. Brainiac 5

9. Dr. Fate

10. Tony Stark

11. Spiderman or Squirrel Girl

12. Martian Manhunter had a family martian when his wife, child, and every other member of his species were murdered by his evil twin brother. Yea... that's rough buddy.

13. Joker by far

14. Magneto (was a Jew living in Poland during the Holocaust his family was murdered, he escaped, was recaptured, tortured, escaped again only to watch an angry mob burn down his home & kill his baby daughter. Then with his powers he went to get revenge, but his wife left him or being scared of his power)...way worse then Batman.

15. BATMAN!!!!!!!

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Kal Kent and Batman 1 million take most of these.