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Poll: Comic Vine Battle of the Week VOTING: Wonder Woman vs. Sinestro (419 votes)

Wonder Woman 53%
Sinestro 41%
Too close to call 6%

Comic Vine Battle of the Week Rules

  • Combatants are in character.
  • This is a random encounter.
  • They're fighting in a generic downtown city setting. It's unpopulated, at night and all standard city lights remain on. They start roughly 20 feet apart and visible. There's a fair amount of cover between them (parked vehicles, bus stops and such). The entire city region is on limits.
  • All characters have standard gear.
  • Incapacitation, knockout or death all count as elimination.
  • Seeing as New 52 Wonder Woman doesn't have a wealthy amount of feats, this is pre-Flashpoint Wonder Woman.
  • And yes, this is pre-Parallax Sinestro.

Viners, you have the week to research, debate and vote! This means there's no reason to vote right away if you don't have all of the info you need to make an educated decision. Check the homepage Friday for an updated article with the following:

  • My extended thoughts on the match.
  • A Viner Argument in favor of the poll's winner (can't include scans and must be in the poll thread).
  • Extra thoughts from other Comic Vine staffers.
  • If we're lucky, blurbs from industry talent.

Feel free to make future match suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.

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Well, looks like I'll have to wait, and see arguments from both sides. I know next to nothing about both characters. Lol

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To be honest, 20 feet isn't that far, its only 6 meters and I'm pretty sure WW can cover that before Sinestro pulls off some crafting stuff.

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Ortsenis should beat Namow Rednow

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I went with the Amazon. Unlike Sinestro's regular foes, Wonder Woman has no problem slaying her enemies. And looking at @g_man's example, she can bust through constructs.

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@darkwingdan: Bust through Hal's construct. Sinestro is better. Anyways, I'm not sure which ring Hal was using in these scans. Was it the one Sinestro made? Because that thing was a cheap copy.

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Sinestro probably

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Wonder Woman

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Opinion: Wonder Woman

Reason: Wonder Woman has always been a crafty brute. She tends to punch first and talk later. But make no mistake she is a soldier. The factors that give her the win are within the setting. They are only twenty feet apart and in an unpopulated city with tons of cover. She has no civilians to worry about. This in my opinion would give her the ability to be more destructive. She could use the cover to block the several constructs that Sinestro would try to get off. But best of all she is only twenty feet away. With her super speed and reflexes, making her way to Sinestro should be fairly easy with cover. Then its just a matter of delivering a knockout blow. I just think the setting works against him here and the brutish nature of Wonder Woman will prevail.

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I went with Wonder Woman. She's a born warrior and fighter, has more skill than Superman, but with almost the same physical stat's and more brutality. She doesn't take 10/10, but does take the majority.

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WW for me.

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Wonder Woman.

She has the strenght needed to destroy his ring's barrier and has great soldier expertise.

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@rbt: Hasn't Hal's thing always been that he's 'the greatest GL ever' and Sinestro has been incapable of accepting it's not him? As for which ring it is; wasn't there something about Hal not being 'allowed' to go anywhere Sinestro didn't want him to go?

As for the fight itself, I am going to go with Diana, who combines immense strength, immense durability and immense speed with an unbreakable lasso and a tiara that can cut through just about anything, which I am going to go with instead of Sinestro's around human stat's and his ring.

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Sinestro. You want pre-Parallax Sinestro? This is what Sinestro did right before he gained the Parallax upgrade.

That's Sinestro surviving, with minor bruises, an explosion that wiped out an entire planet. Wonder Woman has never, at any point, displayed that kind of durability pre-or-post-Flashpoint. Additionally, you'll notice in those scans that Sinestro also impales Volthoom with his construct, despite the fact that Volthoom was also durable enough to survive the destruction of Korugar without a scratch. Wonder Woman is not as durable as Volthoom. She gets impaled like that, and she is deader than disco.

Maybe I'll make an actual argument later

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@g_man: This is pre-flashpoint, the constructs are not as breakable.

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Maybe I'm wrong but I just can't shake saying Wonder Woman.

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I'll get back to this after class but I'm siding with Sinestro here.

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@g_man said:

1. He said pre-New 52 Wonder Woman. :P

2. That was a completely different Lantern xD

3. Was still a fantastic scene.

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Probably Wonder Woman

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This is literally the perfect match for me that I've seen for one of your articles so far @k4tzm4n. You've finally picked a really good powerhouse match up. I see why you've waited so long to do so. I'm absolutely at home with these two powerhouses and I know the lowdown on what they can do. I'm gonna enjoy debating this match up loads. Now to think about who wins. But first

@ancient_0f_days Get in here mate, this week's Viner match up is Pre Flashpoint Wonder Woman vs Sinestro! You're the perfect guy to represent Diana in this match.

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I'm leaning towards Sinestro now.

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Wonder Woman's speed will be the key here. Sinestro's constructs may be fast and strong, but they can only be as fast as Sinestro thinks. If Wonder Woman can keep blitzing him before he actually gets a construct to mind, Wonder Woman might not leave him much opportunity to strike.

And before someone tries to remind me that both are in character as if to rebuke my previous statement, just go to Google and look up "wonder woman speed." There are a LOT of instances where she is using her speed to smother opponents before they can react. If anything, WW uses her super speed to fight more than Superman does. Seemingly, anyways.

So, the real question is, how fast can Wonder Woman fight? Well apparently, faster than Superman can think. During an argument of who was faster, Wonder Woman told Superman that while Kal-El has the advantage in raw speed, he has to think about his moves while she uses her instincts. Batman backs her up by comparing Usain Bolt vs Bruce Lee. This (if true) is remarkable because Superman has been shown to speed up his senses with a mindless Flash as well as recognize Barry Allen while he was running (most likely) at light speed, if not faster. (I'll post the scans in a separate post).

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My pick: Sinestro

Why?: 1. pre-New 52 Wonder Woman isn't ruthless. At least in most stories I've read. The only time she's ever resorted to killing was with Maxwell Lord and that was a decision of either Max Lord dies, or the planet goes under his control.

2. Sinestro is ruthless. He would absolutely be willing to use the full extent of his power on Wonder Woman.

3. Sinestro knows more about the rings than anybody, except maybe the Guardians. He displayed this with changing the GL suits to black, and multiple other times when Hal was his "sidekick" so to speak (in New 52 Green Lantern stories).

4. Green Lantern rings are arguably the most powerful items on the planet. GL's have been able to fight Kryptonians before. And those were Lanterns that don't know how to work the rings as well as Sinestro does.

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@k4tzm4n Another quick question Gregg, is Sinestro wearing a yellow ring or a Green ring as he is in the picture?

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@lcazt1996: 1) Saying Pre-New 52 Wonder Woman can mean lots of things. She's been portrayed at an insanely varied amount of levels.

2) I know it's a different but just the idea of her going up to the "greatest Green Lantern" (as some say). Just wanted to show the breaking the light contructs part.

3) Yes it was, that was my main reason for posting. I didn't/don't have time to fully go into a valid argument either way.

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These are some of the scans I referred to in my earlier post. Now I'm not about to vote Wondy just yet. Power rings, whether green or yellow, are called the most powerful weapons in the universe for a reason. I'm simply making some cases for Wonder Woman's speed.

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This is a tough one. My gut tells me Wonder Woman, but Sinestro is the greatest of the Lanterns.

I'll wait a day and see all the arguments.

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Sinestro! He could out think Wonder Woman

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Wondy ftw

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OK before anyone posts these out of context scans in support for Wonder Woman, I'm gonna debunk them. Still haven't made up my mind on the match up

This one was pure hax and PIS. Manhunter can beat Sinestro, I can say that fairly safely but he doesn't just one shot a guy who tanked a planet busting attack and damages high tier cosmics like Volthoom fairly regularly. No one use this as evidence or else (stares menacingly)

Second of all, we have this Pre Flashpoint feat which can be taken out of context. First of all, the yellow weakness is not going to work with one of the most skilled, willful users of the GL ring who easily rivals Hal Jordan if not Kyle Rayner and is arguably the most skilled fear wielding Lantern ever. Second of all, this was a rookie or inexperienced GL who didn't have that many feats. Third of all, when Diana tried to reason with him peaceably, he slugged at her with constructs and drew blood. Now if a rookie GL can draw blood from Diana, an experienced ring slinger like Sinestro can for certain.

Now to actually think about who wins this fight...

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@lvenger said:

@k4tzm4n Another quick question Gregg, is Sinestro wearing a yellow ring or a Green ring as he is in the picture?

The latter. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

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@lvenger: IIRC the first scan is of an alternate universe Sinestro or MMH,either one I can't really remember

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Pre-52 Wonder woman and New 52 WW is the same so pointing out the difference is just stupid and nitpicking

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@lcazt1996: Diana killing Maxwell Lord was hyped up for its significance but she has killed plenty of times before that.

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It's close and the only reason I'm going with Wonder Woman is that they're just 20 feet away from each other. She's super fast and 20 feet isn't far, so she might be able to hit Thaal before he can do much damage. If they were further apart, and still in character, then Sinestro could win.

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@barkley said:

Pre-52 Wonder woman and New 52 WW is the same so pointing out the difference is just stupid and nitpicking

They're not. She has an entirely different history, only Batman and the Green Lantern Universe were left relatively unchanged

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@citizenbane: I am going to point out that in your scans Sinestro is protecting a group of his people with a bubble generated by his ring, the same kind of bubble that normally surrounds him when he is fighting or in space. And seemingly Volthoom didn't have any problem killing the people with him, he left all the other 'specially selected' Lanterns alive as well. So chances are more than good Sinestro wasn't meant to die with the planet in the first place.

As for tanking;

Diana taking Omega Beams thats meant to kill Superman.

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@k4tzm4n said:

@lvenger said:

@k4tzm4n Another quick question Gregg, is Sinestro wearing a yellow ring or a Green ring as he is in the picture?

The latter. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

No I should have guessed that given that you didn't use a picture of him with a yellow ring. It's my bad really.

@dondave said:

@lvenger: IIRC the first scan is of an alternate universe Sinestro or MMH,either one I can't really remember

Ah I was just debunking it in case people were silly enough to use the logic that since Wonder Woman is equal if not stronger than J'onn, she can beat Sinestro even more easily.

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WW cause she's hot.

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@citizenbane: the one argument i would have against those scans is that the world was destroyed but not necessarily blown up. It could have simply been torn apart which would still cause the death of everyone on the planet and allow Sinestro to survive thanks to his ring.

@monsterstomp said:

To be honest, 20 feet isn't that far, its only 6 meters and I'm pretty sure WW can cover that before Sinestro pulls off some crafting stuff.

I think Sinestro could but up a basic shield in that time. He probably keeps one up at all times

@ultra_beleco said:

Wonder Woman.

She has the strenght needed to destroy his ring's barrier and has great soldier expertise.

This debatable bc the rings barrier strength is dependent on the rings wearer. While it is a relatively known fact that Hal Jordan is the greatest green Lantern of them all (according to DC not in my opinion) Sinestro whether he is a green lantern or a Yellow Lantern is likely the most skilled and also uses more strategy.

Check this forum out about why fighting Sinestro is different then fighting Hal (This link was from the beginning of the New-52. Sinestro has proven more since this)

Four Reasons Why Sinestro is the Most Powerful Green Lantern

I havent made my decision yet but there are good points for each combatant. I feel its wrong to not have Wonder Woman from the New 52.

Points for Wonder Woman would be:

She is a powerhouse with her gauntlets on and crazy strong with them off

She is a true warrior and apprentice to War (Ares)

Batmans only solution to stopping her was Superman... Not a Green Lantern

Sinestro has shown having a hard time fighting the likes of Mongul physically, only winning by using Monguls Yellow ring against him, while Wonder Woman had shown to hold her own in brute strength and speed against Mongul

Heres more if you want more...

Wonder Woman Feats

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@outside_85: Volthoom blew up the planet twic, however Sinestro saved them the first time,so he rewrote time so that Sinestro didn't save them in the first place hence why they died and then he blew up the planet again

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@outside_85: Volthoom left the other Lanterns alive because he only wanted to drain their emotions, not take their lives. And they got out alive because they broke free of his control in various ways. He didn't want Sinestro's emotions, he wanted Korugar's; and you and I both know there's no way you can possibly back up the claim that Sinestro was somehow specially protected by the villain who had just committed planetary genocide without speculation, supposition, and what the hell, let's just say it ---- making stuff up and pretending it's true when there isn't so much as the smallest hint that it is.

The Post-Crisis Pre-Flashpoint Omega Beams have never destroyed a planet and Superman has survived them on several occasions, regardless of Darkseid's intent. It's not anywhere near as good a feat.

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@degraaf: The only real problem with your post is the assumption this is New 52 Wonder Woman. This is clearly stated to be Pre Flashpoint Wonder Woman due to her having more feats. So she can't take off the bracelets and get more powerful like New 52 Wonder Woman can. Plus she didn't learn anything combat and skill wise from Ares Pre Flashpoint and the solution Batman had to a Pre Flashpoint Wonder Woman was a nanite injected into her which made her think she was fighting an opponent of equal power and skill because Batman thought the only way to defeat Wonder Woman is to use her own mentality against her and wear her down.

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@degraaf: That argument would work if the issue of New Guardians that came out right after Green Lantern #19 illustrated that Korugar had not, in fact, been merely torn apart, but actually blown up into itty bitty pieces.