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The Fist of Khonshu takes on the second Robin... who will be left standing after the brawl? Well, that's up to you! Debate on Moon Knight vs. Red Hood begins today and you'll have five days to think about it before needing to cast your vote! While they may not be as skilled as some of the top street levelers in their respective universes, they're both still immensely talented and willing to be more brutal than a traditional hero. While Todd has extensive training from Batman, firearms and other goodies, Moon Knight has consistently displayed topnotch pain tolerance, has held his own against quite a few characters, and has a simple yet effective variety of gear at his disposal (Marc hasn't had moon based powers in a long time, by the way). No matter who's the victor, this has the potential to be downright savage.

Comic Vine Battle of the Week Rules

  • Combatants are in character (assume Marc has a pre-Bendis' run mental status, therefore he won't think he's one of the other Avengers).
  • This is a random encounter.
  • They're fighting in a generic downtown city setting. It's unpopulated and at night. Assume they start roughly 50 feet apart and visible. There's a moderate amount of cover between them (parked cars and such).
  • Both characters have standard gear (assume Moon Knight has his standard gear/attire from the Civil War era. The above image is from that era, by the way).
  • Incapacitation, knockout or death all count as elimination.


Voting will remain open until this Friday morning (ET) and a new article will go on the homepage shortly after. Please keep in mind voting remains open for 5 days so you can research characters and read the debates presented for both sides. I know it's easy to vote for the character you like more, but please try to have adequate information on both characters before casting your vote.

Friday's update will include one Viner's argument for the winning character (only posts in the poll thread will be considered and it can't be a scan fest), the staff's thoughts and if we're extra lucky, thoughts from writers, artists and others in the industry! Viners, it's understandable that debates over "who would win?" can get heated, but please try to keep the conversations informative and not personal.

Feel free to make future match suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.

#1 Posted by Mutie199 (137 posts) - - Show Bio

i like red hood but i think moon knight will win this

#2 Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse (6496 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Red Hood more, but I'm not sure who'd win the fight....

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Great matchup. Don't know much about either but I will wait and see arguments.

#4 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (39785 posts) - - Show Bio

I was going to say if Moon Knight had his Carbonadium armor Jason wouldn't even be able to hurt him

#5 Posted by darkrider (496 posts) - - Show Bio

there should be female battle next week

#6 Posted by TheDarkShight (3 posts) - - Show Bio

This is a toughy, but new 52 Red Hood seems way more a skilled fighter than before

#7 Posted by TellTaleGentleman (13 posts) - - Show Bio

So, my favorite characters of all time meet, I never awaited for this....

Though is highly debatable.... Moon Knight will probably win.

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new 52 jason has been trained by everybody and their momma so going with him

#9 Posted by beaniemanmartinez (32 posts) - - Show Bio

it would of been better if deadpool vs redhood loll

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hmm, i havent seen enough MK to say.... I think RHO sinceh he has batman training.

#12 Posted by lilben42 (2689 posts) - - Show Bio

Moon Knight.

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I voted too close to call. Jason has been trained by just about everyone now, but Moon Knight does have some superhuman abilities. I know that anyone caught in the middle of this should head for the hills.

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oh sure choose the not bat sh*t insane Moon Knight, a.k.a. the Moon Knight i dont know!

#15 Posted by IDontLikeBirds (527 posts) - - Show Bio

Fan of both, but have to give it to Hood due to the training by both Batman and The All-Caste, plus I think he has a better array of weapons (not just his guns).

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Jason been trained by tali,the league and so many more.plus he been able go H2H with Dick on several occations.

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Can anyone recommend a good Moon Knight story or tradeback? I know very little about the character.

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Looking for a bit of clarity on the issue of Red Hood's costume. Aside from his helmet I cannot find indications that he is wearing body armor of any kind. Is this correct?

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Let be serious here Moon Knight is not a simple street brawler is a martial artist, expert Marksman, He has fought many of his pairs, supernatural characters and survive and I never saw anybody beating him. His on pare with Batman same tenacity but the difference between the two is Moon Knight can kill.

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This is a good fight. In my opinion Moon Knight takes a majority. Jason Todd is a strong combatant no doubt however Moon Knight has been a consistently strong fighter. He's demonstrated a good knowledge of nerve strikes and uses them on a very regular basis. Moon Knight is also a lot faster than most people give him credit for he's easily dodged bullets and jumped his way through a laser grid.

Initially Jason would probably have the advantage due to his guns however this will be short lived once a close combat situation occurs. Red Hood is of course no stranger to hand to hand having been trained by Batman and all but its not often he fights someone as utterly devoid of pain as Moon Knight. Marc has had both his legs broken and fallen from a 4 story building and still kept fighting, he was tortured by Midnight-Man by the villain tearing at his spinal column and it ended with Moon Knight putting an iron bar through his head despite hours of previous torture. So when it comes to a close combat situation Jason is not on the same level of durability as Moon Knight the guy literally doesn't give a damn what kind of punishment he is put through. He's the kind of person who wouldn't mind getting his hand chopped off if it means he can get in a position to kill you. As a result Marc can put himself in a situation Jason won't be expecting. Taskmaster even said that he hated fighting Moon Knight for this exact reason because MK would rather take a blow so he could get in a position to beat the living hell out of you than avoid you and wait for an opening. This is a fighting style that is very unpredictable and very effective if you're opponent is less durable than you which in this case Jason is.

Moon Knight should take a majority due to his unpredictable fighting style, his incredible pain tolerance and the fact that he is a far better fighter than people actually give him credit for!

P.S K4tz forfeited a debate with me on this because deep down he knew Moon Knight wins! Not really he was just too busy to participate but thats what i'll keep telling myself and everyone I meet mwhahahaha

Oh and Moon Knight is faster than a crowbar........Just sayin.....

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This is a tough one! Both have extraordinary feats.

#22 Posted by Jgames (2069 posts) - - Show Bio

....... Damn too close to call,but if I had to pick probaly Jason todd, only because he is a better fighter and trained by many talented people

#23 Posted by Catsnlynne (1166 posts) - - Show Bio

Moon Knight all the way.

#24 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

i would go with jason todd. don't know much about moon knight.

#25 Posted by Pop123 (100 posts) - - Show Bio

I like both, leaning on Moon Night.

#27 Posted by ThorBoy (160 posts) - - Show Bio

I voted moon knight

Not a big fan of all the junior batmen flavor of the month

#28 Posted by jayskee (1911 posts) - - Show Bio

Gonna go with Moon Knight

#29 Posted by jayskee (1911 posts) - - Show Bio

Gonna go with Moon Knight

#30 Posted by GhostRavage (9992 posts) - - Show Bio

MK :)

#31 Posted by comicace3 (7886 posts) - - Show Bio

Voting too close to call on this one

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@mrshway88: There's a tradepaperback called "The Bottom" written by Charlie Huston and illustrated by David Finch that could interest you.

It's pretty violent, so you're warned !

The 80's series is also pretty good ^^

Moon Kngiht for the win !

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Put some Indy character

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Even before Moon Knight got semi Super Powers from the God (Koshu I think) he was a bad***.

Moon Knights very first battle and showing.

Here Moon Knight with peak human stats and skill takes on Werewolf by Night. Armed with only Silver Gauntlets and Silver Moon Darts, he takes it to the Werewolf that has given Dracula a thrashing.

Then Moon Knight fought Jack again when Jack was stronger.

Moon Knight takes out all the minor Werewolves with ease, and then fights Jack on even ground. Thanks to a couple Silver Bullets to Jacks back, Moon Knight was able to win, the brutality of it however shows Moon Kinight has great Durability and Skill.

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I'm going to go with Jason just because I think his all cast training put him at the level where the only Bat family that could take him in a fight is probably batman, and compared to the rest of the side kicks thats makes him one hell of a fighter. Also Mark has never had anything training as hard core as that.

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Tough.But I have to say Moon Knight

#37 Posted by HushoftheWind (1202 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely Jason. Better trained and better equipped than Mr. Spector, especially new 52 Todd.

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I would go with Red hood considering he's a bat-kid and his training with batman, Thalia, League of Assasins and the All Cast. he would definally own his ass and red hood is not afraid to kill I actually think he can take on Batman

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depends on which knight of the lunar cycle it is. assuming moon knight is not under a full moon then i think this ight is soo evenly match it would come down to who simply gets in the hardest lucky punch.

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I love Moon Knight, but I had to say too close too call. This fight seems like it would be so brutal. Both of them wouldn't hold back, which makes me think it would just end with them both dead in the street.

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i like both characters but i feel like moon knight has more experience and that would edge it in his favor

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I'll give it to Moon Knight, if only for slicing off a person's face in combat. Isn't everyone a little afraid of the Moon Knight?

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Can anyone recommend a good Moon Knight story or tradeback? I know very little about the character.

Moon Knight Vol. 4: The Death of Marc Spector.

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@k4tzm4n said:

@mrshway88 said:

Can anyone recommend a good Moon Knight story or tradeback? I know very little about the character.

Moon Knight Vol. 4: The Death of Marc Spector.

For 4-5 bucks you can get this Super pack Speical comic. Has his First Apperance (Bonus Comic to this Special) and great Side story of the scans I showed.

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Wow, this is a tough call. I love both characters, so to say one will lose this battle is painful. Neither are known to hold back (even to the point of killing), Jason is obviously better-trained, but Moon Knight has greater strength and pain-tolerance. Really tough choice. Ultimately, I'm going to say Moon Knight would win simply because I think he would have the higher physical endurance to last the inevitably long battle.

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Does tihs battle take place at night?

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