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With Anime vs Comic being okay for the time being. I decided to jump on the bandagon.

Anyway's the battle takes place in Ronapour, the main city of the Black Lagoon series.

The fighters

Comic Side

Deathstroke, Deadpool, Taskmaster, Deadshot, Bullseye, Jason Todd (Red Hood) David Cain, Bronze Tiger, Punisher, Black Widow


Black Lagoon Side

The Lagoon Crew - Revy, Rock, Dutch, Benny

Hotel Moscow - In it's entirety.

The Triad's

Italian Mafia


Battle Specs

1. No infighting. For this battle every group is in full cooperation. They're not going to waste time letting their ego's get in the way, and trying to backstab each other.

2. The Comic team has some prior knowledge. They don't know for example, where Hotel Moscow's hideout is, but they are aware that the organization is filled with Ex-Spetsnaz, and EX-VDV's along with general knowledge of areas the gangs operate in and what they do.

3.Everyone has standard gear.

4. Who wins?

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Deadpool/Deathstroke solo