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So The Combatants are:

Team Marvel:

Dare Devil,Captain America,Black Widow

Team Dc.

Deathstorke,Cassandra Cain,Green Arrow

Team Manga

Guts(Pre berserker),Spike,Kenichi

Rules n. Junk

  • All Standard Gear
  • In Character
  • Win By K.O or Death

Area Will be

Night time Roof Tops

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That's not Deathstroke. It's his son, Ravager.

Deathstroke #6

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I don't know about the manga team other than spike but he'd probably beat daredevil black widow cap or Cassandra Cain. I have to say green arrows a lot better than black widow overall. Similarly Cassandra Cain is better than daredevil and death stroke equal enough to cap that the others could beat their opponent and then join in.

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Guts solos, then kills the rest of the anime team too