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Not really sure if this counts as a battle...but no idea where else to put it so meh

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Batman - Bruce Wayne



Tony Stark


The Question - Vic Sage

Catwoman - Selina Kyle


Dick Grayson

Barbara Gordon - Current Version

Harley Quinn

Jason Todd

The Riddler

Round 1

All of them wake up in the cube, they are all far apart from each other; No Gadgets, no weapons, no idea what is going on or how they even got inside the cube, so they explore the cube.

Cube explation: The characters Find themselves trapped in a bizarre maze of cubical rooms, with no memory of how they arrived there. Searching for a way out, they soon discover that many rooms contain lethal booby traps, while others are safe.

The Cube is unbreakable and full of the same kind of traps the movie has.

What happens to each character.

Round 2

Same situation, waking up no idea what is happening and having no equipment , just this time in Cube 2 type of cube, the much more confusing one

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Cube 2 explanation: The dusky, dingy rooms of the first film are replaced with high-tech, brightly-lit rooms, and the conventional technology of the original traps are replaced with threats based on abstract mathematics. A new group of prisoners quickly discovers that, unlike the original Cube, the rooms in their prison appear to shift instantaneously. They realize they are inside a hypercube in which gravity, space, and time are distorted

In this one, along with them inside the cube, there are also alternative versions of them selves inside the cube. So Barbara Gordon could meet a version of her self still in a wheel chair, The Question could meet Renee Montoya as her, and so on.

What happens this time?

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I love those movies. Just to make sure I understand, they are not battling themselves just trying to get out, correct?

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Spider-Man's spider-sense would make it super easy for him to detect the traps and navigate safely through the cube. I have no idea about the rest.

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Spider-Sense gives Peter an edge here. Anyone that happens to stumble upon Peter has a really good chance of getting out. Batman might be able to deduce the nature of each room and avoid the traps that way...so he might get out. Maybe the Question and Riddler as well...doubt any of the rest have much chance unless they bump into Pete, Vic or Bruce. Riddler would probably just use them to check any room he wasn't sure of.

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@fanofsuperheroes: Sort of, they may try to kill each other and others will try to work with each other to get out

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Anyone else?