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H2H only Tsunade can't use any jutsu but A can't use his super speed but can use his Nintaijutsu and his lightning armor. To death. Take place were Bee and Sasuke fought.

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Team 1

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No pics? Who is "A"?

Team 1 I guess

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@Captain_Awesome85: A' is the Fourth Raikage in Naruto.

Team Two wins. But A' is not stronger than Tsunade, nor is he stronger than Onoki. A' strongest attacks is his Liger Bomb and his punch when he goes lighting armor two with speed behind it.

Beast : is strong, but how strong is he? I know he can lift up a tree. But he match up with A he is going lose because he can not keep up with him nor dodge him. He would have to make him make a mistake. But if he match up against Tsunade, he still loses. All she have to do is finger flick like she did to Naruto.

Colossus: It all comes down to Colossus. But which Colossus are you using here?

@Qpzmg: Please read my comment above. I need to know which one are you using?

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Team 1

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Due to the restrictions you've placed on A and Tsunade, Beast and Colossus should take the win.

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Close fight, but I give it to Team 1. A lot of muscle power, backed up with a lot of brain power. And then you gave the restrictions on Team 2, so it is a definite win for Team 1.

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Changed the op.

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1. Apparently u don't read manga cause a is stronger than Tsunade, but is arguably weaker than onoki 2. Team 2 smash

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