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  • The first Cobra, Klaus Voorhees


  • Peter Merkel Jr., son of the original Rag Doll.

  1. Fight takes place in an unlit, 2-story, upscale restaurant.
  2. Both combatants are unarmed and informed about the starting location of their opponent.
  3. This means Cobra cannot use his poisons and Ragdoll cannot use any of his scissors/knives, but both may utilize items that would commonly be found in a building like this.
  4. Fight is to the death, in character.
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I feel like Ragdoll since he is immune to smushing but is a big fan of gouging.

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@joygirl: Sound reasoning. Would giving Cobes his wrist-blasters make it too one-sided in his favor?

I wouldn't count Cobra out though; I picked him since I feel he edges Rags out in speed and stealth abilities (he can contract his muscles to "slither" around pretty fast) and he's a trained wrestler, which does give him some experience at placing his holds. It's the most even matchup I could think for both of them, haha.

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@mightyrearranger: Yeah wrist-blasters makes this a totally different fight. But the way it is, they are both entanglers/grapplers, they are both gonna try to do that instantly, only Ragdoll is the best there is at doing that. He will gouge out his eyes like he did to poor Nanaue.