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who wins?

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Clayface had bested her during No Man's Land and had her imprisoned underground I think. That must count for something.

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I suppose it depends on the setting, Ivy should technically be able to render him immobile if she can shower him in fast growing seeds, but he can win it by cutting her off from sunlight for a sufficient amount of time (during NML he kept her underground while forcing her to live on a diet of salted water that further weakened her.)

That said I'd give it to Clayface 8/10 times.

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Poison Ivy puts Clayface in a plant pot and grows orchids in him!!!! And from then on he shall be known as Flowerface!!!!

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Clayface has and would take this, dudes just to powerful and could go in wailing with his mace fist and take down Ivy who is not that durable.