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So free for all battle, who will win here?

-Clayface version here is Cassius Payne

-Free For All

-Inque from Batman Beyond

-Sandman is Flint Marko

-Fight is no morals, bloodlusted, to the death for everyone

-All powers apply of what they not only have done but CAN do

-All vulnerabilities/weaknesses apply (such as water being both Sandman's and Inque's weaknesses ironically)

-No prep, instant encounter

-Fight to the death or bad submission, who wins?

BONUS Fight-

Same rules apply as first fight, but with an hour prep for everyone. Who'd win?

Fight takes place in Central Park.

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I think Clayface will win this one. Sandman is the first to lose because ink will make him moisturized I guess. Clayface is also much stronger than ink

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@argothor: interesting perspective, i think inque while not the strongest is definitely the fastest here.

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I think Sandman could deal the most DPS out of the bunch, but Clayface wins because he's the toughest.