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Doctor Strange becomes fused with the chaos lord Arioch and has his usual gadgets and magics as well. This is how he was prepped in order to defeat Shuma-Gorath in its home dimension. 
Now, can Doctor Strange defeat the time traveling sorcerer Sise-Neg with this prep? This is Sise-Neg as Genesis, btw. 
All out battle in neutral space. 

Sise-Neg re-creating the universe
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I think Sise-Neg would absorb the magic from Strange like candy. But he's nice enough not to kill Strange so it ends in a DQ.

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It felt like Strange only barely beat Shuma with that power, and since a weaker version of Sise-Neg sort of implied that he could beat Shuma if he wanted to (but didn't want to waste the energy) and still sent Shuma to a different time like it was nothing, I'd definitely give it to the 100% Genesis.

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