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The three duke it out in a boxing ring. Chewbacca is not allowed to tear arms out of sockets. Chewbacca wears boxing gloves but the team has bare fists. KO or forfeit yields a win.

Ding, ding, ding. Who wins?

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I give it to the team, Either Rocky or Rambo should be able to take Chewy out while the other distracts.

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Chewbacca wins this. He (and other Wookies in general) possesses a MASSIVE advantage in strength, reach, and dexterity when compared to well trained humans like Rambo or Rocky. Wookies are an arboreal species that spend their entire lives in tree cities. Even if Chewie is not allowed to tear limbs off, a full strength hit is shattering ribs, skulls, and other bones.

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Great fight it is awesome and I'm going with Chewy though

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Chewy has the strength advantage; I doubt even Rocky can soak a punch by the wookie

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Chewy....because he has longer arms and is still a lot stronger that either of the Stallones.