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What happens if Chase Young

an inmortal master of Tai Chi who has lived over 1500 years mastering the art of combat and defeating hundreds of warriors all over the world and over the years with a wide array of heylin powers fights the Order of the White Lotus's most powerful members?

iroh has the sozin's comet and pakku has the fullmoon power

battle to death or k.o., in character, no prep

if the WL loses they'll become chase's new pets, feel free to use jeong jeong and pian dao but they don't have too many feats to use so I don't think is a good idea, fight is in ba sing se

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Chase Young wins after a very difficult and interesting battle.

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I don't recall Chase doing anything that can beat these dudes. I don't remember the show very well though

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Just read more about Chase. He could win

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haha if CHase connects eith any of the old dudes they die. he would be waayyy to fast for them. he might have energy projection abilities but im not sure

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Didn't chase lose to Omi 1 on 1? and later lose to the whole group 4 on1.....these geezers are better versed in the elemental arts than the Xiaolin Dragons