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The Charmed Ones


Etrigan the Demon


Etrigan is transported from the DCU to the Charmed-verse... and also finds himself entirely free of Jason Blood. Curious as to what hell in this place is like, he finds the Underworld, along with a constant power struggle for a new Source. Finding the powers of these "demons" laughable at best, Etrigan nominates himself for the role of Source Of All Evil, and a new war begins. In the middle of this war are Piper, Phoebe, and Paige -- the Charmed Ones.

- 2 hours prep

- All feats apply

- Etrigan is at full power -- being removed from his own universe has not hampered him in any way.

- Jason Blood is not involved, and cannot swap places with Etrigan. He is gone.

- Charmed Ones get the Book of Shadows and the Halliwell Manor, but cannot ask anyone for help (Grams, Billie, Wyatt, Chris, Leo, etc.)

- No demons/warlocks/avatars/etc. are able to interfere when the battle truly begins.

- PIS is off.


For more of my battles, click here.

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Expect defenestration.

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Is this serious? Even when the Charmed Ones have prep, which is often. They usually need to read whatever spell they cast off a piece of paper. Etrigan would not even need prep to handle the sisters. He'd trash each one, burn the manor down, and make Piper, Freebee, and Paige his concubines while he sits on the Sources thone and drinks a big shot of patrone.

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@blackwind:I disagree. Looking at their greatest feast

1} They stopped and reversed time

2} They killed reality altering Gods

3}They became Gods

4} They unintentionally damaged the fabric of time and space

5} They Affected large areas on a molecular level

All etrigan has going for him in this is his speed and with two hours prep they can easily cast a 2 second hyper speed spell. Piper herself has accelerated her speed on a molecular level.

Best case scenario. Fight starts piper freezes him and even if he is only frozen for seconds paige just says "head/heart" and he is dead. Not to emntion Pheobe can channel "All" his powers. Plus at the manor they have access to the spiritual nexus which has already amplified their powers unimaginably

All in all this is a stomp in the witches favour Yall need to stop underestimating them they are actually pretty powerful in hindsight

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Except Etrigan is more than capable of controlling time himself, as he showed when he send Superman backwards in time with a simply conjured up spell. Etrigan has also taken on the Sentinels of Magic and Martian Manhunter, and was winning until he changed back to Jason. Even Doctor Fate has conceded that Etrigan has access to primal mystical powers even he can't touch. I don't think the Charmed Ones are weak, but Etrigan's fairly high tier in magic at his better feats. Besides, the Charmed Ones would never even be expecting anyone even nearly as powerful as he is, especially if he decides to amp with magic that allows him to match the SoM.</p>

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I wonder if Ennis' run is worth picking up?

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Charmed Ones.

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1- given day prep, they could kill etrigan from their manor,

2-astral project and fight him in their astral selves;since they have their powers now & are in tangible in astral mode

3-call for the demons powers remotely through a spell. Substitute the word witch for demon.

4:phobe could see all what is goin to transpire during the battle.

5-phobe can Channel into his powers when they are goin head on

COMMON PEOPLE:they are reality Warpers for God's sake & have faced stronger foes, like the triads,source,cole even Billie and christy.

6-they could call the hollow.

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first i want to say the charmed are my favorite witches and i love them to death so if anyone tries to step to them i will defend them to death. anyways i want to say the charmed ones all have powers grown piper molecular acceleration and phoebe pathokinesis and paige orb shield and prue came back with reality warping and very advanced telekinesis from taking in the emperal sword and grimore. not to mention phoebe wrote one of the most powerful spells so yea