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Chaos War #4


Random Encounter

Pre-Crisis Antimonitor

Chaos War Hercules

No prep

No help

Morals off,bloodlust

Wins by Death or Incapacitation

Location:The Bleed

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Probably Anti-Monitor.

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Maybe Herc

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@Ferdelance: Remember COIE destroy multiverses

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@matchesmalone21: why in good conscious would you create a battle you know is an absolute stomp. Chaos War Hercules could have Rune King Thor helping him and they would still lose.

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The only credible fighting feat we have from Chaos War Hercules at this level is him fighting, and being on the losing side against Chaos King before Chaos King was BFRed, and frankly its not like Chaos King has any feats to put him above COIE Anti-Monitor anyways.

Repairing the multiverse is pretty good feat, but does it really reflect your power to fight a multiversal opponent, i think otherwise.

As far as i am concerned, COIE Anti-montior has shown better feats and better abilities from his part, he should win this handily.

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@icysloth: It's just because people saying CW Hercules is unbeatable since he recreated the multiverse,saying Godwave Ares can't beat him and the same with Mandrakk that was feeding with the Multiverse energy. And the most preocupant part,saying Hercules can beat the team that defeated Mandrakk (Spectre and Radiant,Angels of Pax Dei,Supermen of Multiverse -at lest 52 or 60,Green Lantern Corps,Nix Uotan,Captain Carrot and Zoo Crew,Super Young Team)

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Monitor probably.

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Anti Monitor wins.

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COIE Anti-monitor wins

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Anti Monitor has better feats IMHO. He wins.