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I see a lot of battles here, but most test brawn over brain power ... so ...

Scenario: Six of the Flash Rogues are mysteriously transported to Marvel 616 Chicago. They have been in Chicago for a week, Captain Cold has found a suitable hideout to operate from in the city. On the morning of day seven The Pied Piper has left the hideout and vanished. The Rogues have no idea what has happened.

HeatWave, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Trickster & Mirror Master


The Puppet Master has been coerced by Ghaszaszh Nyirh to make 5 sacrifices from outside the 616 universe which will bring around the end times and make Ghaszaszh Nyirh the ruler of earth. Puppet Master chose the rogues as his target. Mad Thinker has created tech to bringing them to 616 and to improve Puppet Masters long range control for one Clay doll per day, he has been getting intel from The Ghost so he can create clay dolls of the rogues and due to lack of remaining cash he could only afford Will o' the Wisp as a bodyguard.

- Puppet Master is in another part of the city along with The Mad Thinker & his Awesome Android, The Ghost & Will o' the Wisp.

Awesome Android
Mad Thinker
Puppet Master
Will o' the Wisp

- Every day that passes The Puppet Master controls another member of the Rogues who is killed off (sacrificed): In this Order - 1.Trickster 2.Mirror Master 3.Heat Wave 4.Weather Wizard 5.Captain Cold.- If the Rogues figure it out there is a fight with whoever is left, standard elimination from there onwards.

- Ghaszaszh Nyirh & Pied Piper ARE NOT involved in the match.

- Everyone Morals on, characters make decisions true to themselves. Pre-52 Rogues.

- Everyone has standard tech and gear.

- Rogues don't know what is happening but have been in 616 Chicago for a week.

- Puppet Master has been preping this for two months, Mad Thinker has been involved for a month, Ghost has collected intel for the week the rogues have been here. Will O' the Wisp brought on late as a bodyguard merely here for a paycheck.

- The Puppet Masters lair is an abandoned speedboat factory, has one main room with a side room for Mad Thinker and The Puppet Master.

- How long until the Rogues figure out, find and stop The Puppet Master before it is too late? Or will The Puppet Master bring about the age of Ghaszaszh Nyirh? Is it a clean sweep or will there be casualites?

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I have a headache.


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Your thread is very good.

A little advice...don't waste your time to do it...People on comicvine don't reply to this kind of battle.

They like more stuff like "Juggernaut versus Goku versus Aunt May with IG" ;-)

My point of view.

Trickster is dead.

MM finds the hideout by using this kind of power.

Swarming his clones in the town...following Trickster...


2.Mirror Master 3.Heat Wave 4.Weather Wizard 5.Captain Cold


Marvel team

...bloodbath...winner flash's rogues.

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Hmmm ... I was leaning to put Mirror Master up as first in line for sacrifice not Trickster, might have made it more interesting.

Still as Mad Thinker, Puppet Master & Ghost all have a fair amount of prep, I figured it wouldn't be that simple for the Rogues.