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Claire Stanfield/Felix Walken/Vino/Rail Tracer (Baccano!)

Armed with Hunting knife and Revolver (12 bullets)




Armed with is standard gear


This massive Pyramid

Trickster starts at the highest point and Claire starts at 3rd highest point

No prep

Win battle by the death/surrender/knockout

In character

Neither have any pre hand knowledge of each other

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To begin, are they in-character?

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Dead Arc arrives and shoots you both in the faces.


Lol, have fun you two! My vote is on Nick.

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@nickthedevil said:

To begin, are they in-character?

Yes, forgot to put it in.

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Okay. To begin, i have to admit that Jesse James is alot like Spidey. He'll play around with his food (as long as it isn't a flash) joking, taunting, and pulling gags on this opponent who is seemingly a normal civilian man. At the highest point of the tower, however, trickster likes to show off his air walkers, and wikl proceeded to do so walking in the air. With a battery life of ten hours straight, they won't run out anytime soon. Jesse's first weapon of choice, the firs one he pulls out, would probably be his explosive yo-yo, acid gun, or bubblegum gun. That is all for my opening post.

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Oh, the yo-yo is a high-powered energy weapon that could hit concrete and crush a foot-deep hole in it. Explosive. His acid gun is self-explanatory. It looks and appears to be an harmless watergun until it melts materials it is sprayed on. The bubble gum gun shoots big wads of gum that are hard to escape from.

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@nickthedevil said:

Okay. To begin, i have to admit that Jesse James is alot like Spidey. He'll play around with his food (as long as it isn't a flash) joking, taunting, and pulling gags on this opponent who is seemingly a normal civilian man. At the highest point of the tower, however, trickster likes to show off his air walkers, and wikl proceeded to do so walking in the air. With a battery life of ten hours straight, they won't run out anytime soon. Jesse's first weapon of choice, the firs one he pulls out, would probably be his explosive yo-yo, acid gun, or bubblegum gun. That is all for my opening post.

Well Claire doesn't exactly play with his food. He tends to have conversations life and what not in the mist of battle. If Jesse was to fire any type of firearm at Vino no matter it be acid, bullets or gum. The chances of it being evaded or high

Here is piece from the Nove;

Vino had stopped the blades from reaching his neck, but they were still pointing at him. Which meant that the barrels of the guns they were attached to were also facing the same direction.

"Goodbye," Christopher said, and pulled both triggers.

But neither bullet reached its mark.

Vino had leaped straight up the moment Christopher's fingers tightened on the triggers, using his wrists as an axis to avoid the shots as he vaulted up and over Christopher's head, landing behind him.

Now some video demonstrations of his speed

Skip to 3:39 and watch to 4:29

Loading Video...

You'll need to watch this video to understand the next

Graham whom is the man with the wrench is a bullet timer with super strength it will be demonstrated in this battle

Skip to 1:46 and just watch from there


Vino vs Graham

Skip to 16:36 watch to 17:27

He vanishes from Graham sight (basically vanishing from a bullet timers vision) and stops his wrench with one hand (Note the wrench was being thrown at high velocity from someone with superhuman strength, I don't see why Claire couldn't stop the Yo Yo


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hrm. can't watch video, but I'll take the word.

note, Axel uses James Jesse's exact arsenal, excluding the hard candy shell, happy trigger, and x-ray goggles.

however, a few points, james is passed bullet timeing reflexes, and the yo-yo is kinda explosive.

In here, he shoots a wad of gum and it proves strong enough to stop the Flash, and bring him back.

At the first hint of trouble, James knows when to get serious. He certainly is the brightest Rogue, he just hides it under the humor. at the first sense of trouble, these precautions are his best, and James will take action:

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@nickthedevil: Vino also is far above bullet timing reflexes as shown in the videos above he was toying with bullet timers dodging bullets my simply running from left to right.

As for the Yo Yo then know I don't think it would be a good idea to grab. Which video couldn't you view?

In this expert Claire evades punches that are described at bullet speed from a character named Ladd who has above human strength. He is also easily toying with Ladd who in the videos above bested The Graham character (The guy with the really big wrench) He also makes a seemingly appear out of thin air and shoots him in a rather difficult area.


Ladd opened his eyes wide as he began to charge towards Claire.

He lowered his stance, ran right into Claire's face, and tried to land a direct hit.

But the moment Ladd expected to feel the impact of the first hit, Claire evaded the attack at a normally unthinkable angle.

"The hell?"

Claire's figure suddenly grew distant from Ladd. He had opened his arms wide and leaned backwards--no, fell. The roof of the train disappeared from underneath his feet.

Ladd initially thought that his opponent had thrown himself onto the tracks. With nothing to support him, Claire obviously disappeared over the edge of the roof.

But that thought lasted but a moment as his upper body immediately leapt up from the side of the train.

Claire had gripped the edge of the roof of the train with his legs as he lay against the wall of the car upside-down. He had come back up by propelling himself against one of the ornamentations on the wall.

Like a Jack-in-the-box, Claire returned to standing upright. He used that same momentum to land a headbutt on Ladd's forehead.

But he suddenly saw a glint of metal out of the corner of his eye and hurriedly knelt on the spot. Not a moment later, a knife whipped overhead, taking with it several strands of his hair.

"What was that for, you shit?!"

Ladd took several steps backwards, glaring at his attacker--Chane. She had ignored the red shadow outright and was concentrating solely on taking Ladd's life.

Shock spread over Ladd's face. Claire had thrown himself towards Ladd in counter to Ladd's bullet-speed hits. Claire launched himself off the roof of the train, flew through the air, took hold of Ladd's arms, and balanced himself upside-down atop Ladd.

Ladd struggled to maintain his footing, and Claire used this opportunity to land behind Ladd's back.

"Goddamn it!"

Ladd tried to punch Claire's face in just as he turned around, but with a single, explosive noise, part of Ladd's right ear was blown off.


Now here is the Animated version of that scene

Loading Video...

Here are some amazing feats of strength and speed. He stops a spear with two finger and deflects bullets so they cut a woman's face.


The spearwoman nodded, immediately springing into action. Soundlessly she approached Firo as he strode unaware toward the elevator, lifting her spear and stabbing it at the back of his head in one fluid motion.


The cruel point came to a stop just before it reached its target.

Vino had stepped in between them and grabbed the tip of the spear between his fingers. Adelle had struck with intent to kill, and yet that fatal blow had been stopped by the strength of Vino's index finger and thumb alone.


In a way, it shocked her even more than Ronnie's impossible feat had the day before.

"Hey, what do you think you were trying to do to my friend?" Vino asked, his voice suddenly cold.

"Thanks, Claire. I owe you one." Firo sounded grateful but not surprised, as though such near misses happened all the time.

"It's Felix." Vino, for his part, sounded almost bored.

"Try not to make him angry," Firo called to Christopher. "As far as I know, he's the strongest human being on the planet."

"Strongest human being on the planet? Yeesh, you're embarrassing me," Vino said, laughing. But the monstrous strength of his fingers didn't lessen in the slightest. Adelle gave a hard tug to free her weapon but it didn't budge. It felt like the spear was caught in a mechanical vise.

Vino stared thoughtfully at Adelle and muttered, "Hold on, a woman with a spear... Hey, it's you, isn't it? You're the one who gave Chane that cut on her cheek..."

Christopher decided enough was enough and leveled his gun at Vino, his smile looking distinctly strained.

"I think it's time you left."

He fired three shots, but the dry cracks were immediately swallowed by three sharp clangs that echoed in the air.

Vino had swiveled instantly, bringing the slender blade of Adelle's spear up and using it as a shield to deflect the bullets. The slightest mistake in calculating the path of any of the three bullets would have cost him his life, but Vino hadn't even broken a sweat. In fact, he seemed more concerned with Adelle, staring critically at her face.

Suddenly, Adelle felt something trickle down her cheek.

One of Christopher's deflected bullets had grazed her cheek, leaving a thin cut running down her face. It looked exactly like the one that she herself had given to Chane.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Christopher asked, his smile growing even wider as he realized just what Vino was capable of. Vino frowned, trying to understand what that smile meant, but a new voice broke into his thoughts.


Here is the next he speed blitz a vampire and overpowers him with one hand. Nothe the vampire's name is Chirstopher and he is a confirmed bullet timer with enough strength to be over peak human. He does not only do this but catches projectiles from behind in a very interesting way. It also reads that Christopher's eye movements can't see Vino's hands when they catch them


"Okay," Claire said, "here I come!"

And the next instant, six silver rings should have buried themselves deep into Vino's body.

But instead, Christopher beheld something that he could hardly believe.


"Heh. These're pretty nice."

One moment, Vino's hands had been empty. The next, they held six chakram.

They had come from different angles, all completely outside his field of vision, and Vino hadn't even turned around.

"What just happ-"

Vino hefted the bladed rings and sent them all spinning toward Christopher before he could finish.


Each chakram drew a beautiful arc through the air, coming together toward where Christopher currently stood.

By the time conscious thought reached Christopher's mind his body was already leaping away, and he looked back to see six rings bury themselves in the ground just behind where he'd been standing.


He straightened, taking just an instant to get his footing, but it was long enough. He looked up to see Vino already there in front of him.


Vino grinned, his right hand closing around Christopher's throat.

"I was going easy on you 'cause I wanted to fight together with Chane for as long as I could, but it looks like things're getting messy down there."

"Wha..." Christopher gasped, utterly defeated before he could resist or even surrender. Vino's strength had caught him completely off guard.

"Impossible... How did you catch Liza's chakram...?"

Another ring came spinning through the rain, flashing in the sunlight as it sped toward the back of Vino's head.

But the hitman merely reached back with one arm, not even bothering to break eye contact with Christopher, and plucked the chakram clean out of the air.

"You... you didn't even look..."

"I did, actually. Oh, don't worry. I don't have eyes in the back of my head or anything. I'm still human, y'know."

"Then what the hell did you see?!" Christopher gasped. "There isn't even anything that you could have used as a mirro..."

He trailed off as Vino raised two fingers and poked Christopher lightly just below the eyes.

It can't be.

"You just thought, 'it can't be', right?"

Christopher couldn't reply.

"Didn't think I'd see them coming reflected in your eyes, did you?"

That's impossible... what kind of eyesight would it take to do something like that?

Is he... Is he really human?

Christopher realized that he was sweating heavily.

"Truly... the strongest human on the planet..."


Your move nick. I'll show you stuff of Claire's accuracy next.

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You can create your own character on the vine?

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@MasterJohn said:

You can create your own character on the vine?

No both Trickster and Claire are real characters.