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Sherlock's Team:

Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, and Spiderman

Switch Cage for Panther and Wolverine for Mister Fantastic

Joeagentofhand's team:

Tiger Shark, Klaw, Man-Killer, Flying Tiger, and Cyclone

Justine Hammer's Master of Evil

Standard Gear, no prep, and all are in character.

Win by death, KO, or incapacitation.

Battle takes place here:

Masters of Evil start at Purple 8, Fantastic Five start at purple 2(note there are no civilians and both teams are aware of each others presence).

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I know of Tiger Shark and Claw... but Flying Tiger, and busty looking Man Killer?!

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@CadenceV2 said:

I know of Tiger Shark and Claw... but Flying Tiger, and busty looking Man Killer?!

Don't underestimate flying tiger he can probably out loop de loop vulture XD

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@joeagentofhand1: So my info gathering is taking longer than i thought it would.Appologies on that whole im not familiar with several of your character and dont have much to go on as of now.If you like you can start us off

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@joeagentofhand1: Sorry for the late reply.It Im not familiar with all your characters so it took some time to get info as well as being offline for a few days.My apologies on both wholes.

Since its a team battle im just gonna go to match ups the way i see them (Feel free to disagree with any of them)

For Starters I see thing taking on either Mankiller or Tiger Shark.Most likely Mankiller.Due to her limited feats its hard to gauge what she can really do and as far as i can see is only a 50 toner at best.Thing should take her easily

The only other person who can compete with Toger Shark is Ms Marvel.Due to the lack of water around and her flight abilities i would give her the win as well.If i recall Tiger Shark was choked out by Mac Gragan at one point who has been shown to be inferior to Ms Marvel.

Klaw would Likely go against Reed or T'challa due to their history.Both have beaten him in the past i dont see why they can do it again

You brought up the loop de loop so i would put Spiderman against Flying Tiger.With his Vulture experience he should be able to win this without much mishap

The only one left is Cyclone being against T'challa or Reed and TBH im not sure if either could win without prep

Again im not overly savvy with your team so this is all generic and basic

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@Sherlock: sorry about that I forgot about this(I have been offline a lot more)

Tiger Shark, could give Thing a tough fight. He can penetrate thing's rough exterior with his adamantium teeth. Tiger Shark has given Namor a run for his money and was doing good against Moonstone. If this battle goes into the pond I see tiger Shark winning. Cyclone could send Thing into the pond and let Tiger Shark deal with him.

Flying Tiger was handling Mach I with little difficulty. I think he could give Spiderman a run for his money(based off my examination Flying tiger seems extremely faster than vulture).

Klaw is immortal so I don't think there is much your team can do. He would go after Mister Fantastic or Black Panther, most likely struggle. With the help of Cyclone(Cyclone knocked down Atlas while he was a giant) he could beat them.

Man Killer will lose to Ms Marvel, but Cyclone and Klaw are enough to take her out.